15 Things You’ll Only Remember If You Went To PCS Elementary

If you went to PCS Elementary in the 2000s, you’re about to get nostalgic. Never forget Moesha.

When Q and U got married.

Mrs. Prine was the bride and Mrs. Pittman was the groom. It was a wedding to remember.

The Teddy Bear Parade.

Let’s be honest, this was the coolest part of 1st grade. The bears took over the school overnight. Some were drawing on the board, some were sitting behind the teacher’s desk, and some were changing everyone’s tickets to red (except their human’s, of course).

Williamsburg Day.

The best day of 2nd grade, obviously. We got to make candles, dolls, and soap, and push hula hoops with a stick—we were surprisingly entertained.

Freezing when you heard the whistle on the playground.

It was an unspoken rule. When you heard the whistle blow, you paused what you were doing and resumed when the whistle was blown again.

Playing wall ball on the map.

The map was also where you sat and waited to be called to Square 1 or Square 2 for your parents to pick you up.

The day that the Reptile Man came each year.

TBH I always tried to be absent on this day.

Looking forward to 2 days in the fall: Registration day and Fall Festival.

Registration day was when you got to show off the cute clothes you got that summer and see who was in your class that year, and Fall Festival your chance to pie teachers in the face.

Begging your parents to pledge money for each lap you ran in the Boosterthon.

We all wanted that coveted prize of the original iPod shuffle. We waited all day for those Boosterthon guys to bust into class and hand out those prizes!

Going to music class once a week.

No one could forget Mrs. Gundy. We spent an hour of each week playing recorders, watching Veggie Tales, and preparing for that year’s music program (S-Files, anyone?).

Having catered meals every day.

Chick Fil A, Subway, Heavenly Ham, and whatever that Mexican food was (I’m craving some of those sweet chips we always had for dessert).

Reading all of the Chronicles of Narnia books in Mrs. Foster’s class.

On the plus side, when they made them into movies, we took field trips to watch them!

When Mrs. Sutton’s poor hamster killed itself.

Moesha climbed into the freezer and froze to death. 🙁 We did get a replacement hamster, and voted to name him Scooter.

Drinking from honeysuckles on the PE field.

If you were unathletic like me, this was one of the few things to do.

Your parents collecting bugs for years in preparation of the bug collection project.

My mom literally made a business out of selling cool bugs to other parents. And no, spiders did not count as bugs.

And finally, the high school being nothing like PCS Elementary.

Not at all. Not even a little.

What do you think of these memories of PCS Elementary? Let us know in the comments below!
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