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The 10 Best Bars In NYC For Your 21st

The 10 Best Bars In NYC For Your 21st

These are the best bars in NYC for your 21st birthday. These new NYC bars are a blast and have a great ambiance. By far the best bars in NYC for sure! Go!

It’s your 21st and NYC is the best place to celebrate! Time to raise your glass to finally being legal. New York has got the best bars and clubs around and whatever your scene, whether it’s more low-key or work hard play hard these places will make that birthday a memorable one. So go out, have fun, and experience what it’s like to finally be 21. Here are the best bars in NYC for the big 2-1.

If you are more low-key:

1. Monarch Rooftop & Bar→ 71 W 35th Street, NYC

Located in Midtown like most clubs in the city, Monarch is a club-like bar on the rooftop of the Hilton Hotel that never disappoints. If you are looking to listen to good music, grab a drink, and sit outside to look at the view of the Empire State building you can do that. And if would rather dance the night away on the dance floor inside you can do that too. Monarch does an amazing job of mixing a bar with a club on a Friday and Saturday night while keeping the audience on the younger side. They have great music, great people, and a great drink menu, what more can you ask for.

2. Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar→ 102 North End Ave, NYC

For the more sophisticated crowd, Loopy Doopy is the rooftop bar known for their crazy Popsicle drinks. It’s the perfect place for a summer birthday and a great place to relax, talk to friends, and look at the view of New Jersey and the Hudson River. Aside from their Popsicle drinks, they also have small food dishes to order and various drinks ranging from cocktails, to whiskey, to wine.


3. Catch NYC→ 21 9th ave, NYC

For all of you who like to dine and drink, Catch is the place to have the perfect birthday meal and spend the rest of your evening on the rooftop bar. A seafood restaurant and bar in one, Catch offers the perfect scene for people who want to spend a birthday with close friends around a table of some of New York’s finest food. The people who frequent Catch tend to have money to spend and range from ages 18-50.

4. Beauty & Essex→ 146 Essex Street, NYC

If you are more into the dark and mysterious vibe, this place is for you. This restaurant, bar & lounge that operates behind a working pawn shop is a New York City classic and an experience to be had. The menu selection is diverse, the food is high-quality, the drink menu is unique, and the venue itself is extremely extravagant. The crowd is on the older side, but it if you want to live like NYC’s elite for a night this is the place for you.

5. Dream Baby Bar→ 162 Avenue B, NYC

This secret gem is located in the heart of the East Village. It’s the only typical bar on the list for a reason; because you will definitely have a good time on your birthday without having to worry about the pressure of a club and the boring scene of a regular bar. The bar has an amazing DJ that plays old and new hits, all of which you can dance the night away to. And even though the bar is rather small, the traditional and old-fashioned young New Yorkers that frequent the bar make it the best place to be on a Friday or Saturday night.


If work hard play harder is more your scene:

6. Mission NYC→ 16 West 36th Street, NYC

Having just-reopened this summer after closing down a few years back, Mission is back and better than before. Cue the sparklers in drink bottles, “boujee” and “thug like” club music, and tons of young people dressed up for a party. This is the club for a wild night and because it’s perfect no matter what the weather is outside.

7. Marquee→ 289 10th Avenue, NYC

The quintessential high-energy night-club, Marquee is the peak of New York’s DJ and dancing club life. A  lot of A-list DJs come here to drop a beat from Carnage to Afrojack and the vibe is great.  

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8. Bounce Sporting Club→ 55 West 21st Street, NYC

The bar turned club on Thursday – Saturday nights, Bounce is so hot that sometimes you will walk by and see the police there to pour water on the fire. The place is filled with young people who just want to dance and drink. It’s the best place to celebrate being young and 21.

9. LAVO→ 39 East 58th Street, NYC

The “it” club & Italian Restaurant of New York, this place is a similar vibe to the chinese restaurant & club Tao. It’s very popular and often hard to get in, so it’s best to be in contact with a promoter.

10. PHD Rooftop Lounge→ 355 West 16th Street, NYC

Panoramic Manhattan skyline view of the Hudson River and Empire State Building, this luxe rooftop lounge is where the party is at. There is never a dull moment at PHD between the killer DJ and young crowd of people who want to dance. Sometimes on weeknights celebrities make an appearance here, so there is a chance you will get a special birthday surprise.

Have you been to any of these best bars in NYC?! Drop us a line!!
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