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20 Signs You Belong In A Big City

20 Signs You Belong In A Big City

Moving to a big city can be a big adjustment. Don't know if it's for you - here are 20 signs you belong in a big city and will fit right into city life.

Unsure if you belong in a big city? Living in a big environment can get overwhelming so here are some signs that will help you decide if you belong in a big city!

1. You die whenever you see it.

You truly know you were meant for city life when you literally die whenever seeing a big city on TV or movie. Seeing city life on a show or in a movie is so exciting and you can’t help but picture yourself in that setting.

2. You’re jealous of anyone that is there that isn’t you.

Everyone has felt that moment of jealousy/hatred when going on Instagram and seeing pics of friends, family, or bloggers that are in the city. You have no choice other to be envious and wish that it was you there instead. You know this is when you belong in a big city.


3. It’s your screensaver. That’s for sure how you know you belong in a big city!

You just love big cities so much that you have to set your screensaver to one just so you can stare at it everyday.

4. You aren’t bothered by traffic.

Big cities are usually not the most pleasant places to drive in, so if driving or sitting in traffic doesn’t even phase you then you are meant for city life.

5. Constantly are begging people to go.

You find yourself always nagging your parents to take you on vacation to your dream city or harassing your friends to come out there with you.


6. Finding any relatable movie or show.

The majority of the movies or TV shows you watching are set in your dream city and you go out of your way to find any movie that

7. You are always finding to collect new spots.

Even in your small town you still manage to find the coolest and trendiest spots in your area. You have an eye for a new trend or a chic new spot which is a true sign you are meant for the big city.

8. Seeing just one skyscraper excites you.

You are just so obsessed with city life that anything related makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Even seeing a single skyscraper sends you into full on daydream mode.


9. Your style stands out in your current town.

You are just a trendy person all around and don’t mind standing out among everyone in your small town. You are constantly buying new pieces that you think would be amazing for the day you finally make the move to your dream city.

10. You already have a list of places to go once you’re there.

You already have a complete list of restaurants, museums, and stores that you absolutely have to go to upon your arrival.

11. Already picturing your future apartment.

You are always picturing what your apartment will look like and in what part of town it will be in and how you will decorate it. You daydream daily about the potential view you could have and just picture yourself staring out your window every morning to admire the city.


12. You stalk real estate websites.

Even though you don’t plan on moving out for quite some time and probably don’t have enough money to move either, you constantly look up prices of apartments. You are often finding yourself looking up apartments in different areas of town and looking at prices and pictures of apartments that are available just for fun. You just want to belong in a big city so badly if you’re already looking up real estate!

13. Once you are there you never want to leave.

Once you have finally talked your friends or family into planning a trip to go to the city it’s literally the most amazing time. You go from being so happy and enjoying the city but the minute you think about having to leave and go home instantly makes you feel down and you literally never want to leave.

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14. You pretend you are already there.

You are constantly overdressed and always stand out in your small town, you even sometimes pretend as if your strutting down big city streets when you are actually just walking around suburban roads.

15. You’re a risk taker.

Living in a big city is not for the weak, it’s super fast-paced and can be over whelming. But you are more than ready. You are not afraid to be different and stand out among a crowd. You love to try new things and have new experiences.

16. You are patient.

Big cities are typically filled with all different kinds of people, especially mean ones. You have thick skin and can deal with anyone being rude or impatient.


17. Public transportation is no problem.

In a big city public transportation is the way to go. Whether its the subway, buses, or taxis, you know what you’re doing and finding your way around town is not an issue.

18. You love the night life.

Part of being in a big city is about enjoying all it has to offer at every time of the day, even late at night. A big city at night is like another world, with so many clubs and bars to go to, the social scene is the best.

19. You appreciate diversity.

A place like New York or Chicago has so much diversity and has so many different cultures. Being accepting of them all is something that is necessary because they are constantly everywhere so being aware and involved is something that is a must.


20. You love to try new things.

Being different is something that has always come naturally to you and always will. Trying new things in every aspect is simple and comes easy to you.

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