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15 Most Instagram-Worthy Date Spots In NYC

15 Most Instagram-Worthy Date Spots In NYC

Instagram-worthy date spots in NYC are a must! If you never Insta'd it did it ever really happen? Here are the best Instagrammable date spots in NYC.

Let’s be honest, you can make or take an amazing photo anywhere in the city in any context and it’ll be a hit on Instagram. The city’s just photogenic in its very nature. However, for those of you who want to post special highlights of the cities endless possibilities here’s a simple list of the 15 most Instagram-worthy date spots in NYC. Most are all ages with a few 18+ exceptions in the mix, also don’t hesitate to take yourself on one of these dates or a friend that’s got your angels down.

1. Morgenstern’s Ice Cream

Though they’re mostly known for their Coconut Ash ice cream (it’ll dye your teeth black!) Morgenstern’s offers plenty of other beautiful things, from their blue store front and the art wall opposite it’s almost impossible to not find a place you want to snap a pic of.  

2. Taiyaki NYC

Ice cream is just really photo friendly okay? Plus these little fish are probably swimming up and down your social media stream right now.


3. Central Park Zoo and Sprinkle’s Cupcake ATM

The infamous Cupcake ATM is a smidge downtown of the park on Lexington Ave, so stop for some cakes that you can eat while watching the seals. And yes, they’re adorable and will splash water in your face. The children’s zoo also offers a lot of photo setups, from putting your face on a rabbit stone to crawling inside of an eggshell, also don’t worry about getting stuck they’re made for adult sizes too! (However, according to my date at the time the eggshell is surprisingly hard to climb out of so you may need a hand, or two)

4. The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Why not stop to smell the roses instead of rosé and beat out the older trend? In the garden you can have all the earthly delights that you please, including perfect pictures and feeling in tune with nature, without having to hike up to Pelham Bay.


5. Union Square’s Holiday Market

While this activity is seasonal it goes on for most of the winter months. Vendors sell anything from a warm German drink with a berry I promise you’ve never heard of to maps to hats. Also dogs are allowed in the park so you can also pet plenty while exploring the market, just be careful, it’s super easy to get lost! 

6. Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure

This is a fairly new addition to the Bronx Zoo so I suggest hopping on the trend before it picks up too much speed. Not only can you zipline through but it also has the equivalent of a high ropes course, which funnily enough can make your date go better. The more adrenaline a date has the more the couple bonds, and you get to look pretty cool doing it.


7. Brighton Beach Picnic

Hit Brighton Beach in late spring for the optimal time, not many people are out but if you hit it during mid to late spring the weather is perfect. Plus, if maybe you want to go for a sunset ferris wheel ride, Coney is right there.


8. Exploring Bookstores in Albertine and Strand

While Albertine may not carry the newest dystopian YA novel it does have the most beautiful walls and ceiling I’ve ever seen. If you have a thing for stars and find them hard to find in the city, these ought to fix that. As for Strand, you could probably spend a day there and still not see everything, we’re talking a massive amount of books, plus sometimes there’s free events.  

9. The Met

This article wouldn’t be complete without The Met, it’s literally art. From the pieces inside to the building itself I doubt you’ll be able to put down the camera, try to a little though, otherwise you’ll find yourself in a place you never thought was there.


10. Staten Island Ferry and Lakruwana

Staten Island gets a bad rap for being bland or not as shiny as Manhattan, but trust me when I say Lakruwana is a heck of a lot brighter than any skyscraper they have to offer. The ferry is a free ride and super fun to explore, as for Lakruwana, you can easily access it through the railway system and feast both yours eyes and mouth on Sri Lankan food and decorations. Also be sure to check out the bathroom, it’s something else entirely because that’s totally one of the Instagram-worthy date spots in NYC.

11. The Pennsy (Cinnamon Snail for a Serious Sweet tooth)

I mean where else could you buy a lobster mac and cheese roll and a vegan donut? The Pennsy has a large outdoor space similar to a stadiums setup, so hike your way to the top for the best views. Not to mention, The Cinnamon Snail has some beautiful bites worth every like.

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12. Smorgasbord and Thrifting

Eat your way around as you shop through some of the most unique pieces Brooklyn has to offer. Heck, try your hand at haggling with clothes and the like. You’ll find it fun whether it be indoors or outdoors, because they have seasonal venues.


13. Jane’s Carousel and The Brooklyn Bridge

Lights, views, and helping a nonprofit What more could you get in a post? An amazing walk and a bit of a thrill is what, plus if you’re tired at the end the trains give you great window seats to all the water front views while headed home is totally one of the Instagram-worthy date spots in NYC!


14. Museum of Sex plus Boob Bouncy House

This one is a bit more risque but as long as you don’t #freethenips in the Boob Bouncy House you’ll be fine with Instas rules and free to post any goodies you find in the gift shop. 

15. Comedy Show

There’s a ton of cheap or even free comedy shows every night of the week. I suggest checking out UCB (normally 5 to 10 for a show) or Eventbrite (Free to 20 for most shows.)


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