15 Things To Do Around Baylor University When You’re Bored AF

If you're a student at Baylor University and ever find yourself bored AF, there are so many fun, cheap or free things to do in Waco Texas! From visiting the Cameron Park Zoo and Health Camp for a burger and shake to relaxing on the Waco Suspension Bridge, here are things to do around Baylor University!

Being in college means being completely independent for the first time in your life, and along with being independent comes free time. While all this free time seems like a blessing when you first start off, you may find that after a while you run out of things to do. Read on to find out the top 15 things to do around Baylor University when you’re bored AF.

1. Take a Day Trip to the Cameron Park Zoo

Only a 10 minute drive from the Baylor campus, the zoo is a fun place to relieve boredom. The zoo has 300 different species of animals ranging from reptiles such as the king cobra to mammals like their African elephants. With the price being $10 for a full day, it is an inexpensive way to have fun with friends.

2. Go With Friends to Open Mic Night at Common Grounds

If you go to Baylor, Common Grounds is probably one of your favorite spots. This hipster coffee shop is known for its great coffee, good vibes, and their once a week open mic night. Every Wednesday night from 8-10 pm Common Grounds holds an open mic night that anyone is allowed to participate in. There is everything from covers of popular songs to spoken words. This is one of the best places in town to grab a coffee and enjoy the entertainment with friends.

3. Check Out Dr. Pepper Hour

A school event to help leave your boredom behind is Baylor’s Dr. Pepper hour. Every Tuesday from 3pm- 4pm Dr. Pepper floats are given to students in the SUB (student union building). This is a fun (and free) tradition that every student at Baylor can enjoy.


4. Visit the Food Trucks at the Silos

If you’ve been in Waco for more than 24 hours and you haven’t been to the Silos yet, what are you doing with your life? The bakery and store are amazing, but the food trucks are the real show stoppers. The variety of the food trucks makes sure that there is food for everyone to enjoy! For hardcore “Fixer Upper” fans this is one thing you can’t miss.

5. Go Shopping at Spice Village

What better way to make your life more interesting than to buy a bunch of fun things! Spice Village is the perfect place for this. In this one shopping area there are over 60 boutiques, so there is no possible way you could ever not find anything. The shops range from clothes, to balsamic vinegar and olive oil, to fun gag gifts and everything in between.

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 6. Attend a Baylor Concert

Want to gain cultural capital and not be bored? Attending a Baylor concert is one of the best ways to do this. Not only are most Baylor concerts free, they are also offered very frequently (a couple of times a week; the full schedule is listed on their website). They have everything you could ever want: choir, orchestra, string quartets, soloists. The list goes on and on. For the music nerd inside of all of us, attending a Baylor concert will fill this need.

7. Study at the Waco Suspension Bridge

Sometimes the best way to conquer boredom is to change your environment. One of the coolest places in Waco to go is the suspension bridges. Studying at the suspension bridge will give you a new perspective and new motivation to finish whatever you are working on. Also – it’s gorgeous – so the insta pics of you studying on the bridge will be gold.

8. Go Sugar Crazy at Hey Sugar

One of the cutest stores in Waco, Hey Sugar, gives a 50’s like vibe with all their candy and sweet drinks. When life seems tedious, this is the perfect place to cheer you up. They have over 400 types of sodas and sweet drinks and more types of candy than you could ever count. If you ever need a sugar high this is the place to come.

Hey Sugar is a delicious candy store in Waco Texas!

9. Visit Waco’s Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday from 9 am to 11 am there is a farmer’s market in downtown Waco that is absolutely amazing. This is a fun place to spend your day on a Saturday morning looking through all the local produce and products. Also this is great place for people watching if you’re into that.

10. Take Instagram Worthy Pictures at the Waco Wall Murals

Sometimes you just have to give up studying to go explore Waco. One of the best things to see are the wall murals. Grab a friend and adventure out to Waco to see some of the coolest art work done right on the walls of buildings. Make sure you bring a camera though, there is no way you wouldn’t want to remember these wall murals forever.

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11. Locate the Pokey O’s Food Truck

If you are a student at Baylor, you know how essential Pokey O’s is in the college diet. It’s a masterful ice cream sandwich that can make any day better immediately. Since it’s a food truck, the location changes daily, so it is important to follow them on social media to see where they are. After you see where they are, an adventure with your friends is necessary.

12. Go Hammocking Around Campus

Who could ever be bored around the Baylor campus when there are so many places to hammock? If you are concerned because you don’t have a hammock, don’t worry! So many people around campus have them and are happy to lend them to you. So grab a hammock and set up somewhere around the beautiful campus. Fountain mall and across from the science building are favorites of many students.

13. Grab a Burger at Health Camp

Don’t be fooled by the name, there is nothing healthy about this burger joint. If you ever don’t know what to do and are in need of of some good food, this is your place to go. Their milkshakes are bomb, their burgers are top notch, and their grilled cheese is high key great. Need I explain any more?

Health Camp in Waco Texas is amazing!

14. Catch a Show at the Hippodrome

If you are ever tired of feeling like a sloppy college kid and want to have a nice night out the Hippodrome is the place to be. The Hippodrome is a theater where you can see live performances or go see movies (both classic and current). It also has a restaurant that is fantastic. Classy college, this is the place for you.

15. Grab a Bite from Katie’s Frozen Custard

To conclude the list, a must for all Baylor students at least once (or once a week… hello freshman 15). This place is perfect when you need to fill free time or to ignore all your problems. They have all kinds of flavors of custard as well as many toppings as you could possibly imagine. This place is perfect to fill anyone’s sweet tooth.

Katie's Frozen Custard In Waco Texas is delicious!

What are your favorite things to do when bored around Waco? Comment below with more things to do around Baylor University!
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