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10 Free Things To Do Around Baylor University

10 Free Things To Do Around Baylor University


Waco at first seems like a dry town that has nothing going on, but the longer you live here, the sooner you realize that it’s actually not all that bad. It a cute little town that is filled with character and culture. (that is if you stay in the ‘Baylor bubble’) You are sure to find things that you and your friends enjoy doing. Here are 10 free things to do around Baylor University.

1. Magnolia Market at the Silos

Probably Waco’s number one attraction (aside from the university itself), thanks to the popular TV show “Fixer Upper” staring Chip and Joanna Gaines (airs on the HGTV Network). It is a ‘must go!’ site that includes a Marketplace, Bakery, Garden and food trucks! Grab a friend or three, go explore and take some cute pictures!

2. Waco Murals

Waco is no Austin, but it does have many walls designed and decorated with beautifully crafted murals. You and a couple of friends could take a trip to any one of the murals (or all of them) and appreciate the art while taking lots of pretty pictures.



3. Explore Downtown

While you’re at it, just have some fun in downtown Waco. There are so many hidden gems and hole-in-the-wall restaurants waiting to be found. You might find your new favorite restaurant or a new hand out spot.

4. Go to the movies!

Technically not free, but with you student ID you get a ticket for just $5.50! In Sugar Land the movie prices range from $10-$15 so this was a great deal for me! The best movie theater is the Regal Crown Jewel, it’s a little farther away but it’s much nicer.


5. Attend Dr. Pepper Hour Tuesdays, 3-4pm.

This event happens on campus, second floor at the sub in the Barfield drawing room. I go to Dr. Pepper hour faithfully and now I’m a proud VIP member. Every Tuesday, if you don’t have class, go enjoy a FREE Dr. Pepper float, which is ice-cream mixed with Dr. pepper! During one Dr. Pepper Hour events I got 8 free t-shirts!

6. Dr. Pepper Museum

While we are on the subject of Dr. Pepper…by this time, you should be head over heels for Dr. Pepper, its like the Baylor’s signature beverage! Take your love one step further and go visit the Dr. Pepper Museum! Also, not free but with a student ID you get in for 6 bucks! Such a small price to pay for your love and dedication to Dr. Pepper!



7. Lake Waco

Enjoy the cool breeze while watch the sunsets with your leg dipped in the water. Go with friends, a crush or a significant other and don’t forget to take cute aesthetic pictures.



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8. Fuzzy Friends

If you are nothing like me and you actually like and enjoy the company of hairy little creatures, then you’ll love Fuzzy Friends! This a non profit, no-kill shelter that cares for all animals until adoption. Go volunteer with them, play with the dogs and maybe adopt one! Disclaimer: I actually think dogs are super cute and used to own a dog but its not for me anymore. They now scare me.


This is Laila! She is a ‘Pet of the week’ this week and up for adoption! Laila wants to come home with you.

9. Cameron Park

Outdoorsy? lol me neither. But if you are then this is for you! Grab some of your nature loving friends and head over to the Cameron Park for some adventure! Also, check out the zoo while you’re at it! Tickets are $10.

10. Common Grounds

If you are a hipster, or into coffee and underground music, then you’ll absolutely love Common Grounds. Its funky style and decor just makes it so unique and antique looking. Its right next to Heritage Creamery so get some ice-cream while you’re at it. You’re new favorite band is bound to play here at some point.



What are your favorite free things to do around Baylor University? Comment below!
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