The Typical Day Of A Baylor University Student

The Typical Day Of A Baylor University Student

Yes, college is a great time and all, but after the novelty of it wears off, you start to get into that daily routine and it becomes a little redundant after a while. And while everyone has a different ‘typical day’ at Baylor, we can all agree on one thing: we all want it to end. We’re always looking forward to the weekend, and wanting it to stay forever. So here is what a typical day of a Baylor University student looks like.

8:30 am – You’re awake.

This is either because you have chapel first thing in the morning or a class at 9:15. Don’t worry about waking up at 8:30am, soon you’ll be waking up at 9:00am for your 9:15, giving yourself only 15 minutes to get yourself together and run to class… but hey, you can’t help it because you fell asleep at 4 am last night.


9:15 am – You have Chemistry.

By now you should be in the BSB, groggily making your way to D110 or D109. You get into the class and hope that there are empty seats at the edge of the isles, not in the middle of the row, because that means a lot of shuffling and excuse me’s.

9:55 am – Run to Chapel

Chemistry just let out, now you literally have to fast-walk/jog and maybe run to chapel because the walk from the BSB to Waco hall WILL take you all 15 minutes, especially because of the traffic of human bodies in between. I swear everyone on campus is out at that time.


10:12 am – You made it.

You made it to chapel just in time to watch them close the doors behind you. Now depending on the speaker, you will either fall asleep or become fully engrossed in the presentation.

10:50 am – Hungry.

Chapel is out and you’re hungry, so the next reasonable move is to go right across to Memorial Dining hall right? WRONG. Because everyone else has that idea, the lines will be longer than chapel itself. So do yourself a favor and just go home.


Image result for long line

11:50 am – Nap time.

Honestly the best part of your day, which quickly turns into the worst because…

12:30 pm- You overslept.

Your class started at 12:20pm and you set your alarm for 12 AM instead of PM, by mistake, so you were awoken by your roommate yelling “Don’t you have Religion?”


12:35 pm – Is it really worth it?

On your way to Draper or Tidwell, you are wondering: do I really have to go to class? Wait…don’t we have a quiz today? (RUN).

12:42 pm – 22 minutes late.

Phew! No quiz. Just sit at the back and try not to fall asleep

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After mindlessly aiming around and doing god knows what, the second part of the day starts…

8 pm – Time to study.

People might be going to bed by this time, but not you. You are headed to club moody to study your butt off for your Bio test tomorrow.


4 am – Sleep is for the weak.

You are back from Moody, can barely keep your eyes open…you jump right to bed and fall into a deep sleep with nightmares about failing out of college.

This is what the typical day of a Baylor University student looks like. Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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