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What To Do Around Baylor University When You’re Broke AF

What To Do Around Baylor University When You’re Broke AF

Are you wondering what to do when you're broke AF at Baylor University? There are plenty of fun things to do without spending money!

As a college student being broke is part of our daily lives. However, there’s lots to do  that doesn’t involve digging your bank account into a deeper hole! Keep reading for some of the best things to do when you’re broke AF at Baylor University.

1. Go to Dr. Pepper Hour!

This one is absolutely free and right here on campus! Every Tuesday from 3pm-4pm, free Dr. Pepper floats are served to all students. Also if you get your card punched 10 times, you become a VIP member and enjoy the VIP perks!


2. Late night at Penland Crossroads

No need to go out to eat when there is a fine dining hall right on campus. Take a friend and enjoy the food Penland has to offer because it’s probably better than ramen noodles and… its free! Freshmen have unlimited swipes each semester!


3. Wall Murals and Downtown Waco

Drive around Waco and find some cool art to take pictures with! One of the popular signs is located in the parking lot of Cafe Cappuccino! It would make you look artsy and adventurous on Instagram. Also while you’re at it, take a chance to explore downtown Waco. You never know what you might find.


4. Suspension Bridge

Another gem located near Baylor’s campus is the suspension bridge! A cool industrial looking area where friends go to chill and take pictures. It used to be the site of tortilla tossing, but that is now illegal due to environmental hazards.



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5. Sporting Events

As a student you get a free ticket to all home Baylor games! Take advantage of that and go see a sporting event. It doesn’t even have to be one of Baylor’s official teams. There are intramurals that host games and tournaments at least every other night, so go watch a rugby game and have fun while doing it because you are watching such a quality event without even paying a dime.


6. Catch up on some zzz’s.

Honestly probably hands down the best thing on this list. I’m never running on enough sleep, so If you have the chance to catch up on your sleep, then take it! Best part? Its totally free! Well except from the part where you paid almost 3 thousand dollars to sleep on that bed.



What are your favorite things to do when you’re broke AF at Baylor University? Comment below!
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