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The Ultimate Study Abroad Bucket List

The Ultimate Study Abroad Bucket List

Here is your ultimate study abroad bucket list. These study abroad activities are ones not to be missed. Check out the abroad bucket list and get abroad!!

Studying abroad is the best part of college. Let’s be real, we both know you’re not studying abroad for the educational benefits. It’s a chance to make friends from all over the world, possibly learn a new language, meet cute foreign boys with adorable accents, and cross some things off your bucket list. So if you’re going to be spending a few months overseas, here’s your ultimate study abroad bucket list:

1. Ride an elephant.

Imagine yourself on this massive creature with your hair blowing in the wind, looking #magestic.


2. Go scuba diving.

Maybe you’ll find Nemo? Maybe Dory? A mermaid? 90% of the ocean has yet to be discovered so you never know.

3. Learn how to surf.

Maybe after an hour of learning you’ll get a sick picture like this, and maybe her bod too.


4. Go skydiving.

Not exactly a fan favorite for those scared of heights but do it for the cute Insta post.


5. Go parasailing.

I think we can all admit this looks fun. Bonus points for matching your bikini to the parachute!

6. Go cliff diving.

Again, not a favorite of those scared of heights. But, imagine making a boomerang of you jumping off the cliff. Did I convince you yet?


7. Jump off a waterfall.

If you’re scared of heights, you’re probably getting real annoyed of me right now. But remember that Full House episode where they were in Hawaii and Becky and Uncle Jesse jumped off a waterfall and your inner 5 year old self was like omg #couplegoals!!! Nope? Just me? Okay.

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8. Go zip lining.

Avoid hitting trees!


9. Attend a music festival.

Don’t forget your bohemian outfit and have your phone┬áready so you can record the whole concert and put it on Snapchat – people love that ­čśë

10. Take a water taxi ride.

Afterwards you can get gelato and tell all everyone when you get back that ice cream is so overrated. You like gelato. You’ve HAD gelato because you went to Italy and they didn’t.


Remember, studying abroad is all about going through new experiences…and bragging about them when you get back home.

The Ultimate Study Abroad Bucket List!
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