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5 Tips For International Students In The U.S.

5 Tips For International Students In The U.S.

Studying in the U.S.? Here are 5 tips from my personal experiences on how to deal with studying abroad and make it the time of your life!

Studying abroad can be scary. You’re leaving all of your family and friends behind to pursue a brand new experience on your own. As an international student here in the U.S., I feel your pain! Here are 5 tips from my personal experiences on how to deal with studying abroad and make it the time of your life!

1. Buy online.

Buying essentials for your dorm might be the first challenge international students will encounter. Whether you’re living at a dorm or off-campus, you need to shop for a essentials such as sheets, mattress pads, comforters, etc. It can be really hard to shop and move all of your stuff back without access to a car, let alone by yourself. Be a smart shopper! Here in the U.S., a lot of big retailers such as, and all offer free shipping in the country (with a minimum purchase amount). When you order through, you can even get extra discounts and cash back!

2. Make new friends.

Making new friends is important, especially when you’re moving to a country where you might not know anybody. Thanks to advanced technology, all kinds of social media have made it a lot easier to meet new people. You can search for your future roommates on Facebook and forums and get to know them more even before you meet. For more tips on how to get along with your college roommates, check out our blog post here!

3. Consider renting textbooks.

Buying textbooks can empty your wallet. A single textbook can cost you up to 200 dollars or even more. Avoid the overpriced campus bookstore. At, you can rent textbooks and enjoy free return shipping. For those who prefer to keep their books, you can buy used or new textbooks there at a discount. If you decide to sell your books afterward, you can sell your books for cash and get paid in 2 days at Studentrate. It’s really simple and helpful!

4. Figure out you new city’s transportation services.

Transportation can be a huge pain in the ass for international students if you don’t have a car here. If you live in big cities where you can take convenient public transportation, that’s great! You can download some mobile applications that help you better predict your bus schedule. However, you might still need a car sometimes when you want to have a weekend away. At Studentrate, you can get great deals on car rentals, hotels, and even plane tickets. Take advantage of these exclusive student deals and enjoy your vacations here!

5. Have fun and treat yourself!

Finally, other than studying, sightseeing, and experiencing the new culture, having fun with friends is vital to your time here! This includes exploring new venues for fun like bars, clubs, parties, and more. Having a few party outfits is a must. There are a lot of fashion apparel brands at where you can find good deals and get cash back. Whether you’re looking for a party dress, preparing for an internship interview, or searching for a casual outfit, you can definitely find the right outfit for different occasions at Start saving money and have fun shopping with us!

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Have a wonderful time studying abroad!

Do you have any tips for international students studying in the U.S.? Tell us down below!

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