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Your Ultimate Guide To The Elon University Freshman Dorms

Your Ultimate Guide To The Elon University Freshman Dorms

Here is your ultimate guide to the Elon University freshman dorms. Historic, Global, Colonnade & Danieley are the freshman dorms at Elon offered your 1st yr

At Elon University there are four neighborhoods freshman can live in during their first year here: Historic, Global, Colonnades and Danieley. Here is a run-down from the most desired to least requested freshman dorm situation on campus. Brace yourself for the ultimate guide to the Elon University freshman dorms!


Historic dorms are the most wanted neighborhood for freshman at Elon because while it is houses the oldest dorms on campus, it is known to be the most social dorms where you will have the time of your life. It is also the dorms that are closest to most of your freshman classes. Historic is an all girls dorm that isn’t the nicest but the experience of living here is fun.

Virginia Hall



Global is the newest neighborhood offered to freshman. It’s by far the nicest and most modern of dorm rooms. It’s the second most wanted neighborhood at Elon University. Global tends to be a bit further away from most freshman classes but it makes up for it with it’s brand new rooms. They are incredibly nice and pretty large for a dorm room. Students have been known to put couches in their rooms so that says something. Global dorms are a mixture of suite and roommate style living.

The dining hall, Lakeside, is located close by and is close to the mail room. There is a new neighborhood known as the new Global Commons – it’s a beautiful space great for studying. There is Argo Tea located here. Talk about great coffee and sandwiches. The only downside to Global is how far it is from central camps and your classes. Generally the people don’t tend to be as social on your floor. The dorms go from building A-E.

Image result for global neighborhood elon



Third on the list is Colonnades. It’s generally the third most requested neighborhood for freshman to live in. The dorms are suite style and have large living conditions like Global. “Nades is a great place to live because it is also located close to the Colonnades Dining hall. You can buy everyday essentials here too: shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, etc.

Kivette Hall

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Last on the list for freshman dorms is Danieley. It is the farthest neighborhood at Elon University. Don’t worry! It is still very nice and is based of a flat apartment style dorms. There is a full kitchen included with a fridge, cabinets, stove and microwave. That is a pretty good Elon University freshman dorm set-up if you ask me. Most of the flats have a study or living room area where you can hang out with friends. Sophomores tend to live here since the rooms are pretty large but that shouldn’t stop you from wanting to live here. What better way to meet upperclassmen! Like Global and Colonnades, Danieley is sorted alphabetically fro A-P.

Hopefully this guide to the Elon University freshman dorms helps you figure out where you’d like to live. There are perks to all and they are all beautiful freshman dorms on campus.

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