Your Random Hookup Isn’t In Love With You

We have all experienced a random hookup. The random hookup guy is not worth it ladies. Here is my advice to all those attached to a fuck boy who wont change

Freshman year I received text messages every weekend night with one word: his dorm building. That’s it. He didn’t even have the courtesy to pretend like it was a normal booty call. Any other guy would have began the conversation with “hey, what are you doing?” Clearly he assumed I wasn’t doing much and cut right to the chase. So it shouldn’t surprise you that I was pissed and felt incredibly disrespected. Over the duration of several months I never went to his dorm but he never gave up or changed his was. Every weekend it was the same thing. His booty-call routine made it clear to me that he didn’t care and figured I would give in. I didn’t want to be just a random hookup.

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Since he seemed like a complete fuck-boy, I figured he was messaging other girls the exact same thing. These were girls he had probably met in the frat basement. I tried to get him to change; I’d always text him back letting him know I was tired but I’d be free during the day to grab lunch. No response. Poor little naive freshman me. I tried every time. It killed me.

It seems that in college it’s always one sided. Even if your random hookup is interested in you, you most likely aren’t interested in them. It doesn’t mean he wants to date you, let alone be seen with you. That’s why he is the “random hookup.” The guy always decides when he wants to see you and when he doesn’t. Guarantee your heart skips a beat when he does text you past midnight on the weekend. You probably wonder how his day is. Girls, for what? Because we actually think he might care.

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If these boys actually cared about you, they wouldn’t be texting you past midnight. These boys wouldn’t be texting you only on the weekends. No boy who texts you at midnight on a Saturday, asking what you are up to, cares. Or at least in my case, sending a location. Eventually, my booty-call had given up and moved onto the next girl. As for me, I moved on to the next guy who would eventually let me down in a different way.

This boy had become my best friend but was in a relationship when I had met him the summer before freshman year. Emotionally, I was a mess and not ready for a relationship whatsoever. I loved any boy who had shown me attention at parties, because who doesn’t love to feel appreciated? This guy became my rock without me even noticing. He became half my heart without being a hookup buddy.

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Girls – wait for the guy who texts you asking how your day is during the week. There is no better feeling than waiting for the guy who is talking to his friends and smiles at you from across the room. There is a guy out there who is going to want to see you 24/7. Don’t settle for anything less than someone who would rather be your best friend than lose you at all. It’s funny how things happen: when you least expect it something great could come along.

Let the random hookup go and open your eyes to what has always been in front of you.

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