The Only Thing Worse Than These Breakup Horror Stories Is The Fact That They All Happened On Valentine’s Day

Anytime a breakup happens between a couple sucks and is never easy. Breakups have the potential to be extremely messy depending on how bad and/or what the cause of the spilt was. However, should the breakup occur right around or on the actual day of Valentine’s Day, it’s even more devastating and soul-crushing.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day full of love and giving and receiving cards, candy, flowers, and gifts, from not just your loved ones, but from your significant other as well. The British International Internet-based market research and data analytics from YouGov reported in February 2019 that seven percent of Americans have ended a relationship on the actual day of Valentine’s Day (February 14th).

Listed below are 6 Breakup Horror Stories That Were Much Worse Because They All Happened on Valentine’s Day:

1. The Ex-Girlfriend Who Wanted to End The Relationship On Her Own Terms, Cheated on Him, and All His Friends Sided with Her (Part 1):

“I was with her for 4 years. She wasn’t into it anymore. Instead of breaking it off she decides to cheat with a coworker without me knowing all while also sleeping with my best friend at the time also oblivious to. Jump to Valentine’s Day she wants to get a hotel room with said coworker so decides to spew out the details. I had tried to break up with her 6 weeks before Valentine’s Day but she threatened to kill herself if I didn’t take her back. So, I did. Basically, she wanted it to end on her terms. She was abusive, Manipulative and psychotic. I have cigarette burns from her putting cigs out on me she was a nightmare. Worst part is all my friends saw a lot of how she treated me. And when we broke up stopped contact with me. She had gotten with my best friend and snaked her way to them.”  -Redditor Andy_Snuts

2. The Ex-Girlfriend Who Wanted to End The Relationship On Her Own Terms, Cheated on Him, and All His Friends Sided With Her (Part 2 and the Happy Ending):

Note: Although this article is about breakup horror stories that happened on Valentine’s Day, the story listed at #1 (See Above) has a happy ending worth including. Here it is:

“[After all that happened] I moved back to my hometown. I stayed single for 2 years before even trying to date. Since then I have been married since 2015. Have a beautiful 2-year-old daughter and have a good career. all said and done. I didn’t even want to be with her. I was more upset that all my friends stuck by her until her crazy started showing again. Then tried to snake back to me. Heh fuck em. They can keep her. I’m 100 percent happy now. All while she has slept with a lot of dudes (including her best friend’s husband) contracted herpes had her teeth rot from her nasty mouth. And can’t hold down a job.” -Redditor Andy_Snuts

3. She Found Out Her Boyfriend Cheated on Her on Valentine’s Day and Dumped Him The Same Day:

“I found out that [my boyfriend] had been cheating on me on Valentine’s Day when the girl he was cheating with texted me ‘thanks for being such a good friend to him’ after we had ‘broken up.’ It’s funny in retrospect because it’s like something out of a sitcom. I lost my shit. I told my friend what happened and he pulled together a last-minute ‘drink your feelings’ singles-only Valentine’s Day party and it was really fun. I ended up making out with my hot R.A. for like thirty minutes and that made me feel better. I was mostly happy to finally be free of that relationship and have a real excuse not to entertain his pleas of getting back together again.” -Heather told Cosmopolitan

4. Her Ex-Husband Told Her That He Never Loved Her:

“Last Valentine’s Day, my husband told me he had never loved me. It was the day that started our separation. On his way home back to another state, he stopped by and saw his ex.” -Anonymous Redditor

The Only Thing Worse Than These Breakup Horror Stories Is The Fact That They All Happened On Valentine’s Day

5. He Didn’t Care and ‘Accidentally’ Left the Gift At Her House:

“In high school I went out for Valentine’s Day with my then-boyfriend. We had been dating for almost a year, but this was the first time we ever really went anywhere (typical high school relationship I guess). So, we got dinner, and right before we left we exchanged presents. I was going to a fine arts school at this point so I had made him something in class that I was really proud of and hid a gift card to a store he loved inside. He gave me one of those $5 stuffed animals from Walgreens and just kind of threw it at me, with no card or anything.

After that we’re walking to the car, he’s taking up the entire sidewalk almost, so I’m trying to walk through the mushy grass (it had been raining) in heels. I fall in the mud, practically ruin my dress, and he laughs at me. The worst part is that he didn’t even take the present I worked so hard to make for him — he ‘accidentally’ left it at my house when he dropped me off. I still have it, too.” -Redditor Monadologee

The Only Thing Worse Than These Breakup Horror Stories Is The Fact That They All Happened On Valentine’s Day

6. The Breakup Happened in The Middle Of The Couple’s Romantic Valentine’s Day Date:

“I got my ex a ride in a helicopter around the city for Valentine’s Day. He hated it the whole time, and 15 minutes in to the ride he was shouting to go back down. The second we landed he dumped me and said I should have known he would have hated that. We haven’t talked since.” -‘Kat’ told Elite Daily in 2019

Please note that the woman’s name for this Valentine’s Day breakup story was changed.

The Only Thing Worse Than These Breakup Horror Stories Is The Fact That They All Happened On Valentine’s Day

7. His Female Classmate Led Him On:

“Junior year of high school I met this girl Julie in my ceramics class. I thought we really hit it off. We would talk and flirt all class. So, on Valentine’s Day I came into school late with flowers and had one of the hall moms deliver them to her in class. She got them and was ecstatic. She immediately texted her boyfriend (I had no idea she had a bf) who was on the football team ‘OMG, I love you. Thank you so much for the flowers.’

“He had no idea what she was talking about and said, ‘What flowers?’ My friend in her class then told her they were from me. She broke down and left school crying. I never went back to that class” -Redditor guest_list

8. She Got Dumped on Skype and Was Sick:

“My long-distance boyfriend dumped me via Skype on Valentine’s Day because I had previously had a depressive episode and ‘my problems were too difficult for him to deal with.’ On top of that, I went to the doctor that day and was diagnosed with a sinus infection, so I had to wait for an antibiotic at CVS where they were playing Taylor Swift love songs and the store was filled with college guys buying last-minute chocolates and teddy bears for their girlfriends.” – Sarah told Refinery29

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