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The Greatest TV Shows To Binge This Summer

The Greatest TV Shows To Binge This Summer

Certain TV shows really just fit within the summer vibe. While it may the time to go outside and soak up as much sunshine as possible, there are definitely times when you can chill out with the TV and air conditioning on. Here are the shows to binge on this summer.

Stranger Things

For 80s nostalgia galore, it doesn’t get better than Stranger Things. Taking place in small-town America in the 1980s, a group of friends comes into contact with plenty of strange happenings from meeting a girl with superpowers to fighting aliens from another dimension. What makes this a great TV show is the sense of science fiction adventure that is true to the time period in which the series takes place. Every character is on their own journey which culminates by the end of each season. The camaraderie between the kids, teens, and adults in this show is made clear making this perfect for watching with a group of friends. There is something for everyone to enjoy in Stranger Things. Even though the first two seasons take place in autumn, the third season takes place around the Fourth of July in 1985 making it the perfect summer TV show to binge. Each episode is around 50 minutes long, but you will likely not be able to stop after just one. The Greatest TV Shows To Binge This Summer


The wholesome Archie comics have been turned much darker and sexier in this reimagined series that has been going strong for four seasons. Within the small town in which this TV show is named after is where many dark secrets are held under the guise of an innocent town. Each season has its own centralized storyline from finding the murderer of a local teen to a board game that brainwashes everyone in town. Admittedly, some elements of the show are ridiculous, but that’s kind of the appeal of it. If anything, the TV show Riverdale blends the 1950s Americana aesthetic with a more modern edge that is sure to capture your imagination. If you feel like teen dramas with plenty of romance, twists and turns, and maybe even the occasional dance number is your thing, definitely check out Riverdale.The Greatest TV Shows To Binge This Summer



As probably one of the most important TV shows currently airing, Pose is definitely worthy of being binged this summer. The New York ball scene that was thriving during the mid-1980s is brought to life in this series that follows a family of misfits who perform their hearts out every single night and compete with other families in nightly balls. While this show has its moments of glamour, the heart of the show is found in the desire to be noticed, respected and above all love. It is beautifully shot making the vibrancy of the times really shine through in each scene. Pose will make you want to dance, laugh, and cry maybe all at the same time. With 10’s across the board from story to representation, this show is highly recommended for just about everyone to binge both seasons this summer.  The Greatest TV Shows To Binge This Summer

Queer Eye

Looking to make improvements in the way you dress, cook, or look? Queer Eye is the show for you. With each episode, the Fab 5 meets a new hero and makes over their life from top to bottom. However, it’s not just the physical changes, but also the emotional. This show will definitely pull at the heartstrings as we witness the transformation of everyday people who learn how to be more confident in themselves and their abilities. The message behind the show is one we can all get behind. No matter your age, size, or gender, everyone deserves to be loved and show love towards themselves. Currently, there are 4 seasons of Queer Eye with a fifth one on the way, so there’s plenty of time to binge the seasons currently available. You just might learn something about dressing more elevated or cooking a new recipe. Can you believe?? The Greatest TV Shows To Binge This Summer

Next in Fashion

For fans of reality TV, intense competition and all things fashion, there might not be one better than Next in Fashion. Hosted by Tan France from Queer Eye and Alexa Chung, talented designers from all over the world are brought in to compete using their technical skills and unique vision to create pieces that will walk the runways of tomorrow. Each episode brings out a new theme and challenge, so viewers get to see what is next for red carpet looks, streetwear, and even underwear. Just when you thought you have seen everything involved in fashion, they push the envelope even further. The Greatest TV Shows To Binge This Summer

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The Chef Show

The Chef Show strips back everything from fine dining and presents it in an extremely casual way. Hosted by acclaimed director and star of “Chef”, Jon Favreau and Roy Choi, the two travel to different restaurants to meet the chefs in the kitchen, talk about their creations, and of course cook delicious food. They do provide lists of ingredients and show the cooking process in case you feel enough inspiration to try cooking the dishes on your own. With no formal introduction or outro, the show feels fast-paced yet casual and conversational. To satisfy your inner foodie, check out the Chef Show on Netflix. The Greatest TV Shows To Binge This Summer

Master of None

Sometimes we don’t always have our life together. While one aspect is going great, another might be spiraling out of control. At least we have the people around us, and the TV show “Master of None.” Dev Shah lives his life as an actor in New York City while also learning about himself through relationships, cultural differences, friendships and how to handle the things life throws at us. As witty and charming as this TV show is, there are definitely moments of vulnerability and uncertainty. As tragic as things might seem, sometimes we just have to keep going and figure things out on the way. Master of None has plenty of good music, valuable lessons and even a few episodes taking place in the beautiful landscapes of Italy. All of these factors definitely make it worthy of being added to your queue this summer. The Greatest TV Shows To Binge This Summer


What TV shows will you be binging this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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