Why Our Generation Needs To Understand The Importance of Voting

The importance of voting is so significant, but younger generations are not involved. Here's what we all need to know when it comes to voting.

As a young person coming into voting age, the idea of taking part in an election can seem daunting and intimidating. Most young people brush it off as something only older, more experienced, Americans do. Others find it to be a waste of time because they have fed into the myth that our votes don’t really matter. At times, our generation fails to see just how much of an impact our actions can have on society. After all, it was young people who started the movement against gun violence after the Parkland shooting. It was young people who helped keep the Black Lives Matter movement going. It is young people who have advocated for immigrant right, women’s rights and LGBTQ rights. Young people have a voice that could change this country. Here are 5 reasons why our generation needs to understand the importance of voting.

1. Our Generation Accounts For Half Of The Voting Population.

The voting population consists largely of equal parts millennials and baby boomers. With the impending decrease in baby boomer voters in the coming years, millennials will be the largest voting population in the country. This means that we will finally have the opportunity to tackle issues that are important to our generation like college tuition and job programs. It is imperative that we vote to make these issues a priority because we will be the ones affected. With the voting tide shifting, we might finally be able to see a change, but we must vote!Why Our Generation Needs To Understand The Importance of Voting

2. We Are The Ones Impacted By The Voting.

As the future generation of this country, a large majority of the issues that are being voted forward will impact our lives. Most of us are still recovering from the 2000 Great Recession that largely impacted the youth in this country through college debt and unemployment. Now policies concerning healthcare, the job market, and debt forgiveness have been making the rounds on the ballots. It is important that our generation vote on these issues so we can avoid another recession. Letting an older generation vote on issues that will severely influence our future is just not acceptable. We have to take matters into our own hands!Why Our Generation Needs To Understand The Importance of Voting


3. We Come From A Diverse Group Of People.

Not only do we have diverse political views, but we also represent a diverse group of human beings. We are all different races, genders, classes, and sexual orientations. We must serve and represent each of these groups equally in our government. Every group has different concerns and issues that we face on a daily basis. We now have the power to reflect this diversity in our government. By voting a wide-ranging group of individuals into office, we are giving our generation the opportunity to be represented as the diverse population that we are. As young voters, this generation has the power to create a more inclusive government!Why Our Generation Needs To Understand The Importance of Voting

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4. We Can Sway An Election!

For those who believe that this generation can’t bring about change, it is young people who swayed the vote for Obama’s election in 2012. As a rapidly growing voting majority, young people will be able to sway more elections in the future. It is important that we all register to vote in order to be able to make decisions for our future. Why do you think candidates try to appeal to the young voter? It is because they know that we can swing an election in their favor. It is time that we used our powers for good to change this country for the better.Why Our Generation Needs To Understand The Importance of Voting


5. The Issues Of Today Will Be The Issues Of Tomorrow

The truth is that some of us might not care about who is elected senator or president. We may not give two figs about what policies get passed and what laws are changed or ratified. This might have to do with the fact that these issues are not affecting you right now, but they will! Overtime, we will go to college, we will have to get a job, and we will have to pay bills. All of a sudden, the voting issues that we didn’t care about before become a top priority in our lives. If we register to vote and take part in the election process, early on in our lives, we might be able to prevent future problems. Vote! Vote! Vote!Why Our Generation Needs To Understand The Importance of Voting

Are you registering to vote? Why do you think voting is important? Comment below!

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