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15 Things To Do If You’re Snowed In

15 Things To Do If You’re Snowed In

You're definitely going to be hit with a bad case of cabin fever if you're snowed in. To avoid your inevitable boredom, keep reading for 15 things to do.

Nothing makes winter seem more never-ending than when you get snowed in. Sometimes it’s for one day, sometimes its for five. Either way, you’re definitely going to be hit with a bad case of cabin fever. To avoid your inevitable boredom, keep reading for 15 things to do if you’re snowed in.

1. Read a book.

It is tough to make time to read when you’re swamped with homework and managing a part-time job or internship. Pick up your favorite book and rediscover how much you love reading!


2. Go sledding.

If you can sneak out of your house and the storm isn’t too bad, go sledding! It is still just as fun as when you were a kid.

3. Play card games.

There are tons of card games to play, and you will most likely end up playing for hours! A great way to pass the time.


4. Binge watch your favorite show.

Whether it is trashy reality tv, or you’re restarting Game of Thrones from the beginning, you can’t deny this is one of the best things to do when you’re snowed in.


5. Bake.

You would be surprised what you can whip up with the things that are sitting on your shelves! And if you’re feeling extra confident, make up your own concoction!

6. Do a puzzle.

Ok, it isn’t the most exciting snowed in activity. But your parents will love it!


7. Tell ghost stories.

If you power is out, tell spooky ghost stories! Or stories from when you were in middle school, because those are spooky, too.


8. Look at old photo albums.

Grab your baby book or your parents’ wedding album and start flipping! Old photos are so much fun to look back on.

9. Play drinking games.

I mean, beer pong has always been a good idea.


10. Make snow cones.

Grab a bowl or cup, fill it up with snow, and cover it with chocolate sauce. (Hey, no one can judge you if you’re snowed in.)

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11. Nap.

Sometimes the best way to kill your boredom is to cozy up by the fire and take a nap. Or two.


12. Have a dance party.

Throw on your favorite tunes and have a dance party! (Let’s face it, how much standing up have you actually done today?)

13. Have a snow ball fight.

Again, if you can make it out of your house, have a snowball fight in your yard!


14. Organize your closet.

Or your cabinets, your dresser, or bathroom. Now you finally have the time to organize! (Sorry if I sound like your mother right now.)


15. Pretend it’s summer.

Throw on a bikini, turn up the heat a smidge, and crank some Jimmy Buffet. Oh, and make a margarita while you’re at it.

What are your favorite things to do when you’re snowed in? Tell us in the comments below!
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