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The Best Fall Activities You Can Enjoy With The Family

The Best Fall Activities You Can Enjoy With The Family

Fall Activities, The Best Fall Activities You Can Enjoy With The Family

I love Fall. I love it even more when there are tons of Fall activities for my brothers and me to enjoy. While many would think of Fall as the dull back-to-school season, I like to believe there are at least five awesome things to do during Fall, maybe even 6. But if we want to impress some people let’s go for 7.

1. Carving Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is one of the best Fall activities you could do. Think about it. Halloween is just right around the corner. You or anyone else in your family probably has an idea or two about what they want to carve on a pumpkin. It could be a scary face, a peace sign, a carving of the middle finger, even a carving of a pumpkin. Now that’s meta. The bottom line is that you don’t have to wait until Halloween to get your pumpkin freak on, start carving out those pumpkins now.

The Best Fall Activities You Can Enjoy With The Family

2. Flying Kites

When it’s Fall, it’s windy. Take advantage of the opportunity to challenge yourself in the sport of flying kites. Kite flying is perhaps the hardest of the most challenging Fall activities you or anyone close to you can do. The wind will be your main adversary. It’ll try to control the kite, or worse, it’ll try to control you. But you were born for this, the moments when you kick adversary’s ass and say, ‘I want to fly kites, and no one will stop me.’ And it shouldn’t unless you’re weak that is.

The Best Fall Activities You Can Enjoy With The Family

3. Watch Oscar-bait Films 

You haven’t experience the leaf season until you treated yourself to the yearly cycle of Oscar-bait film. These films will blow your mind and leave in a pile of the dust waiting to sweep up by an usher who probably has a bad cough and wants to go home. After watching such films as The Departed, Moonlight, Gravity, 13 Years A Slave, La La Land, and others like these films, you’ll be wondering if your reality is even real. Be prepared to cry, dance, laugh, and drive your best friends crazy with all the movie knowledge and appreciation you’re about to receive.

4. Fall Festivals Galore 

Festivals are an obvious choice for one of the best Fall activities. Families can enjoy listening to some exciting music, experiencing the best art, and eating some delicious food. Make sure you’re picking the festivals that are close by where you live, and that they’re landing on the weekend. Weekday festivals mean you would have to balance going to them and finishing up homework. Plus, you’ll have a better time talking with your friends at school about what you saw during the weekend than the weekday.

5. Get Ready for Football

During the Fall season, Football will be all the rage. Your school will probably be having football games every week or two. If you haven’t experienced a football game, then you’re missing out on one of the best Fall activities out there. Cheer on your home town team; it’ll be worth it at the end.

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The Best Fall Activities You Can Enjoy With The Family

6. Take Your Official Christmas Family Photo 

Other than the warmer months of Spring and Summer, there’s probably not a better time to take a family photo than during Fall. The weather is just right, the leaves are changing colors, and you’ll be ahead of the curve when it comes to Christmas pictures. Make sure you and your family are wearing Fall appropriate clothing and that everyone is smiling. A good family photo needs to capture what life is like for the entire family. Fall is an excellent time to do so because everyone is at least nearby and no one is on vacation, I hope.

7. Helping with Homework 

Doing homework may not be the funniest of the Fall activities on this list, but it’s something that’ll lead to some remarkable results. Try to spend time helping your siblings with their homework. The least you can do is tell them about Emily Dickinson. That is if you’re into poetry.

Which of these Fall activities excite you the most? Told you we could make it to seven. Comment below and be sure to share this around. Until next time. 

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