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Quick And Simple Workouts For A Busy Student

Quick And Simple Workouts For A Busy Student

Quick And Simple Workouts For A Busy Student

College life can get extremely hectic as you volley the priorities of classes, study time, group projects, club meetings, and the list grow from there. Exercise is essential for stress relief, improved concentration, and weight gain prevention. While it may seem impossible as you look at your busy schedule, it is important to carve out at least 30 minutes of workout time daily. Here are suggestions for quick and easy workouts for you to try. You’ll be happy you did!

1. Cardio Workout

Not interested in going to a gym or stepping outside for a run? You can always clear a spot in your dorm room to do a cardio and total body strength circuit. It’s important to get in a cardio workout to help burn calories necessary to maintain a healthy weight. Cardio workouts are a great way to rev-up your energy too!

There are many cardio workouts videos to choose from on the internet. You can do a 30-minute no equipment cardio, HIIT workouts, or five-minute fat-blasting workout. The options are endless for you on YouTube!

2. Go for a Walk or Run

Walking and running are great ways to maintain fitness on campus. You already walk all over campus to and from class. You can amp up your routine by increasing your pace and take the long routes when you can. You may already see many fellow students jogging around campus as it is the easiest and cost-free activity to do if you want to break a sweat. You can vary the distances depending on your available time. Since you have penned in a workout into your daily schedule, you will always have time for a power walk or run.

Quick and Simple Workouts For A Busy Student

3. Planks In Your Dorm Room

A no-frills but great core workout is the plank. You can do planks anywhere and your dorm room is a great place to get in this muscle building and overall core strengthening exercise. There are free apps you can download that will guide you through a five-minute round of various plank poses as a start. You can accelerate the time and intensity as your endurance to hold the different positions increase.

Quick and Simple Workouts For A Busy Student

4. Campus Gym

You’ve just returned to the dorm room after a long day of classes and the thought of heading back out to the campus gym for exercise is painful. Don’t even give yourself 2-seconds to think about it! Change into your workout clothes, grab your tunes and get yourself out the door as quickly as you can.

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The gym will have all the equipment you need to create your own fitness circuit. Start with taking a few minutes to stretch out before running on the treadmill for 15-minutes at a pace that is comfortable for you. Or, you can also work with weights for 15-minutes and you’ve completed a 30-minute session, just like that. You are free to vary your routine to create your own fitness program that you can fit into your day. You’ll reap the benefits in the long run.

Quick and Simple Workouts For A Busy Student

5. Workout Between Classes With A Fitness App

Only have 30-minutes to spare before your next class? With a fitness app downloaded into your cellphone, you can do a quick 15-minute workout and still have time to get to your next class. You can find apps to target specific areas of your body or do an all-around basic full-body fitness routine.

Pick and choose the intensity depending on how much you have between classes. More time the more vigorous but you may need to grab a quick shower to cool you off after. You can string a few workouts whenever you have time to spare and still meet the daily recommendation of 30 minutes of fitness a day. Good luck and have fun with it!

What workouts do you like best? Leave a comment below!

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