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You’ll Love These 12 Funny Family Games For Your Next Night In

You’ll Love These 12 Funny Family Games For Your Next Night In

These funny family games will have you dying: Buffalo, Heads Up, What Do You Meme, F**ktionary & A Terrible Time are a funny family games to play at home.

Whoever said hanging out with your family was lame lied. Whenever I fly home to Los Angeles the first and only thing I hear from friends is “you’re always hanging out with your family, when can I see you?” My siblings and I spend countless hours on the couch, hitting up the farmers market or just flat out eating. If you’re headed home soon and looking for some funny family games to play, I’ve got you covered. Here is a list of 15 funny family games you can play next time you’re home.

1. Who Am I

This game is insanely fun and requires a pen and post-its. Pretty simple. Everyone secretly writes down a person on a post-it note and puts it on the head of the person to their right. The person can be famous, a family member or just anybody who’s very well-known. Each person gets 20 questions they can ask to help them figure out who they are. This game usually gets a few good laughs in there and is by far one of the best funny family games to play.

2. Charades

C’mon does this game really need an elaboration? Didn’t think so.


3. Sticker Stalker

The point of this game is to place stickers on your family members without them noticing. The first person to get rid of all their stickers first is the winner. Sounds stupid but it actually gets to be really fun.

4. HeadsUp

Similar to Who Am I and Charades, this game’s concept is the same. Only difference is that it requires a phone. This game is actually hilarious. If you play this game after having a few drinks with the fam it’s an absolute shit-show. The best part of this game is that it records everyone’s reactions and attempts at getting you to guess. The object of the game is to guess as many words that pop-up on the phone screen. There are several categories you can choose from: Superstars, Act It Out, Animals Gone Wild, Just for Kids, Blockbuster Movies, Icons Legends & Stars, Geography and Hey Mr. DJ.  This very well might be the most fun – promise you it’s one of the best funny family games.

5. Scattergories

Holy-shiz. If anyone in your family is insanely competitive, I swear to god this game is going to have you in tears. This is a creative-thinking game that has been around for a while. Each player has a folder with an answering pad and 3 category cards. On the sheet there are 12 blank lines for the 12 categories you’re going to need to answer. One player rolls a 20-sided die that determines the first letter used. You have to come up with words that fit into both the category selected and start with that letter. You have 3 minutes to answer all 12 words. If anyone comes up with the same word, you both lose points. This game tends to get seriously heated and is a hell-of-a-good-time. You NEED to play this game with your family. Hands down a must.


6. The Mouth Game

This game has become one of the most popular family games to play this year. By now you may have seen people wearing mouth re-tractors. The object of the game is to try and say words your family can guess. It’s basically like having marbles in your mouth. There are phrase cards you use and they are absolutely ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they didn’t have a great time playing. Definitely one of the better funny family games.

7. Apples to Apples

Another one of those funny family games that doesn’t need any explanation.

8. What Do You Meme

OH MY GOD! I have never laughed harder than playing this game. It’s super simple. Each round there is a rotating judge who plays a photo card in the deck. Everyone is handed caption cards. The people with the caption cards put down what they feel is the funniest pairing or something the judge would find funny. The person with the most amount of meme cards wins. I’m not even joking, it might be the best funny family game to play. Side note: there is a basic bitch pack.

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9. Cards Against Humanity

The party game for horrible people! This game is despicable and awkward and hilarious! One person asks a question from a black card and everyone answers with the funniest white card. This game is insanely similar to What Do You Meme but it gets a bit more vulgar. Things like “firm buttocks” are factored into the equation. Definitely a funny family game to play next time you are home.

10. F**ktionary

This card game is another great one. There are cards with urban dictionary words on them and the players have to guess what the definition is. The leader of each round will read out the definitions and picks out a winner. Same concept as Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme. These funny family games are serious riots, I promise.


11. A Terrible Time

This card game is anything but a terrible time. This game requires teams of two who compete against one another in different challenges. The challenges are based off three categories: art, facts or performance. If your team completes its challenge you advance to the next round; if you fail, you have to do something out of the humiliation deck.

12. Buffalo

This is a name dropping card game. You basically have to race to ID people that match the descriptions of two cards presented. Example: British + Wizard. Clearly you think of Harry Potter. The player with the most cards once the pile runs out is the winner. You have to shout your answers so you better be thinking fast. A lot of these end up being hilarious responses.

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