The Best Animal Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

These are some of the animal instagram accounts that people cant get enough of. These friendly animal faces is garenteed to make your day better.

The rise of animal instagram accounts has suddenly hit, ranging from elephants, hedgehogs and even foxes! They can cheer you up when you scroll through your Instagram account, and these are the 10 best animal accounts you should be following!

1. Pumpkin the Raccoon

Instagram: @pumpkintheraccoon

Followers: 1.5m

One of the best animal Instagram accounts! This raccoon will make you seriously question owning a dog instead of a raccoon. Pumpkin is an internet sensation and has taken the hearts of many! He can be seen on Instagram causing trouble, eating berries, or playing with his friends Oreo and Toffee!

The Best Animal Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

2. Corgnelious & Stumphrey

Instagram: @corgnelious

Followers: 95.5k

Two cheeky Corgi’s are featured on this page, which shows the adventures of the dogs. Troublesome, cheeky and playful they are a definite animal Instagram account to follow! These corgi’s show just how much of a bond can happen between dogs, they really look after each other!

3. Bertram The Pomeranian

Instagram: @bertiebertthepom

Followers: 220k

Bertram is the dog of your dreams, living in NYC this dog even works in a local art gallery. Bertie was adopted off and it just shows that even the most famous pets weren’t wanted at one stage. Bertie is a cheerful dog and his owner dresses him up with a variety of bowties and clothes to show him off on his own animal instagram accounts!

The Best Animal Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

4. Thai Elephants (Evelyn Connor)

Instagram: @blesele

Followers: 34.2k

Elephants are one of the purest species on Earth, which is why this elephant account should be in your top 10 animal accounts to follow on Instagram! BLES is a community which creates a safe space for Thai Elephants, and their Instagram reflects the care and comfort they provide for these extraordinary creatures. This account shows elephants in their natural habitat, and also shows their cheeky nature when they are cared for! This Instagram account is definitely going to give your Instagram feed that boost when you’re feeling down.

5. Suki The Cat

Instagram: @sukiicat

Followers: 970k

Suki is an adventure cat that makes you jealous of the amazing scenery and travels that it has has. Suki has it’s own Youtube page as well where it’s travels are shown more. This cat is owned by Marti Gutfreund (@enchanted.forest) who is a photographer and fellow traveller! This Instagram is definitely one of the top animal Instagram’s to follow, as it doesn’t just provide you with an adorable cat, but also increases your wanderlust. The Best Animal Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

6. Bender The Corgi

Instagram: @bender.the.corgi

Followers: 22k

Bender is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and lives in Canada. He is a young Corgi and his owner has documented his travels and behaviour on his Instagram, so you can see this cute little puppy from when he was very young! This Corgi is very cute and shows off his fluffiness on his videos that his owner uploads!

7. Tuna The Chiweenie

Instagram: @tunameltsmyheart

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Followers: 1.9m

Tuna was adopted from a shelter when he was a puppy, and now he is living the life of a famous pet on Instagram! He has his own merchandise, fans and thousands of likes. His owner uses his Instagram to encourage fans to adopt from shelters, to save more like Tuna. The Best Animal Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

8. Hank The Pig

Instagram: @mybestfriendhank

Followers: 368k

Hank is one of the best Instagram animal accounts to follow, he is a miniature pig with huge personality! There are 645 posts of this pig on his very own Instagram,  his owner cuddles and looks after this pig so well! Her tagline is ‘this is my best friend Hank, he’s my best friend and yours!’

9. Juniper & Fig The Foxes

Instagram: @juniperfoxx

Followers: 2.3m

Juniper’s Instagram is one of the most unique animal Instagram accounts you will ever follow. Juniper and Fig are adopted Foxes are are labelled ‘The Happiest Foxes’. The owner uses this pet’s Instagram to show how difficult it is to keep a fox, but also how important it is to look after those animals around us! They are two adorable foxes and get on so well together, they are worth a follow just to see some happiness in your Instagram feed!The Best Animal Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

10. Daisy Underbite

Instagram: @underbiteunite

Followers: 228k

Daisy is a reduced dog that lives in California, USA! She has an underbite and has to have wheels to help her front legs, but she is still sassy and dresses up better than any of the dogs on Instagram! Daisy is a great animal Instagram to follow, as the owner regularly posts pictures of other dogs in the area!

These are the 10 best animal instagram accounts that you should be following! If you agree or have any other cute accounts to be following then comment your favourite!

Featured Image: Weheartit
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