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I Suck At Dating: My Top 5 Mistakes

I Suck At Dating: My Top 5 Mistakes

Dating in NYC is terrifying. The task of trying to find a decent, unproblematic guy without a girlfriend and potentially 5 other side hoes is grueling, to say the least.

Ladies, when it comes to dating it can definitely be a major struggle! We have to deal with the creeps and online dating. I’ve personally struggled with this crazy dating world. Whether its not putting myself out there or giving off bad body language, its definitely been a struggle. Let’s be real we all have a fear of rejection but it’s better getting an answer than constantly wondering the outcome if you took the risk. If you’re struggling to find a date or looking for a potential partner, you are not alone! It can be stressful but confusing to see your friends get engaged and married, while you’re still trying to get pass the first date! As an extrovert with a slightly social phobia, it can be a struggle to date and get into a relationship. I suck at dating but I’m still learning. We all learn from our mistakes and can use them to help us improve. Here are my 5 mistakes I’ve made while dating!

Not Putting Myself Out There

One main thing to dating is putting yourself out there. You have to step out of your comfort zone to meet a potential partner. I definitely regret not putting myself out there because it provides an opportunity to meet new people. Putting yourself out there doesn’t only count for romantic relationship but it also counts for platonic relationships. Try to step out of your comfort zone and approach someone new! This is a dating mistake I’ve made!

I Suck At Dating: My Top 5 Mistakes

Letting My Trust Issues Get The Best Of Me

As someone with trust issues, I always keep my eyes open and rarely believe anything someone tells me. Trust and loyalty is an important aspect in any relationship! Being someone who’s slowly trying to get over my trust issues, it’s been hard for me to get to know someone, which makes me suck at dating. If you’ve been betrayed or cheated on by a partner, you will have a guard up when you’re dating. This is a dating mistake I’ve made!

I Suck At Dating: My Top 5 Mistakes

Wasting My Time With The Wrong People

We tend to hold on to certain relationships due to being comfortable or the length of the relationship. Wasting time is the worst thing that can happen to a person. You can’t get those hours and years back. Yes, everyone deserves to move on but some people may take longer than others. If someone isn’t giving you the same energy or amount of attention, it’s time to let go and move on!

I Suck At Dating: My Top 5 Mistakes

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Not Opening Up

Having a guard up has its pros and cons when you suck at dating. You’re protecting yourself from getting up but affecting the relationship by not opening up. Opening up to someone new takes time. If the person you’re dating is beginning to tell you their secrets and stories, its time to pay attention and listen. As they begin to open the layers and expose you to their true-selves, so should you! Just take baby steps and tell small stories and as the relationship grows give them a deeper side to you.

Not Being Authentic

Let’s be real, this is relatable for anyone who wants to be in a relationship. As someone who is bold and not afraid to keep it real, I sometimes have to hide certain aspects of my personality depending on the person. Some people tend to be authentic once the honeymoon phase is over! If someone doesn’t like your personality then its time to let them go. There’s no point of being fake! Once your actual personality is exposed, that person will either feel like they are dating a stranger or feel betrayed! I no longer hide my personality to satisfy others! If you don’t like getting roasted or brutally honest personality, get away from me! This is a dating mistake I’ve made!

I Suck At Dating: My Top 5 Mistakes

Do you suck at dating? Have you made any of these dating mistakes? Comment your thoughts below and share with your friends!
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