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8 Dating Tips For Shy Girls

8 Dating Tips For Shy Girls

Dating tips can be a savior for any girl out there who is shy and really needs to know how to talk to a guy. Here are some of our tips!

Ladies, when it comes to dating confidence is the key to snagging that partner and potential hook-up buddy. It’s ok to be shy and take time to open up to a guy. Being an introvert can be cute but it’s important to put yourself out there. Yes, it’s fine to be shy but you gotta speak up to get the man you desire. We all gotta step out of our comfort zone, whether it’s smiling at a guy or just saying hi. Step out your comfort zone and shoot your shot girl! We only live once take these risk now, you won’t regret them! Here are some 8 dating tips for shy girls.

1. Work On Your Body Language

Body language can make you come off as unapproachable. Whether it’s fixing your posture or just smiling, that can help overcome your shyness because people will approach you. That will help you practice communication whether it’s meeting guys or going in for job interviews! It’s ok to have resting bitch face but work you energy. If you’re excluding bad energy, no one will talk to you or the wrong people will approach you!

8 Dating Tips For Shy Girls

2. Try Online Dating

Online Dating can help you overcome shyness, due to getting to know someone virtually. You’ll feel much comfortable to open up to a potential boyfriend or hook up buddy. If things don’t work out there’s a chance you’ll never see that person in real life! Online Dating has definitely been helpful for any shy or introvert person trying to make it in this crazy dating world. This is a dating tip for shy girls!

8 Dating Tips For Shy Girls

3. Go Out!

You gotta step outside of your comfort zone to improve your shyness. Take baby steps to approaching guys or even opening up to others. Go out and analyze your environment and study how some people engage in conversation. Some of us are book smart but not street smart, keep your eyes open and learn new things! This is a helpful dating tip for any shy girl!

8 Dating Tips For Shy Girls

4. Be Yourself

Embrace your shyness! Relationships last due to being loyal, honest and real! There’s no need to change your personality. If it’s going to take you awhile to open up or get to know someone, take your time. Being shy makes you unique, there are plenty of reasons why you maybe shy and no one can change you. Regardless what type of relationship you’re trying to pursue, being authentic will attract someone.

5. Make Small Talk

Making small talk can help you out! Come up with questions where your date is doing majority of the talking. Ask about their hobbies and their likes/dislikes! It’s the process of getting to know someone till they feel comfortable to open up. Making small talk will also build your confidence and help with communication skills! This is a dating tip for any shy girl!

8 Dating Tips For Shy Girls

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6. Ask Deep Questions

Be a little bold! After making small talk and getting deeper in that persons mind, ask some deep questions. Not only will you get know them well, you’ll be able to compare thoughts and beliefs with one another. You’ll be able to learn something new!

7. Travel

Traveling to a different country to find love can help a shy girl. Take a trip to Europe and go on some dates. Please take this advice ONLY if you have the money and willing to risk it. It’s known that guys living in Europe are bold. So there’s a high chance they will approach you, which means you can still embrace being shy! Most importantly being in a different environment will help you step out of your comfort zone.

8 Dating Tips For Shy Girls

8. Just Approach The Guy!

Girl, you just gotta get up and talk to the guy! Guys are also shy and sometimes afraid to approach women due to fear of rejection. If you see a guy that’s attractive to you, get your ass up and talk to him! Rejection is only temporary! It wasn’t meant to be, if they don’t like you! Let’s break these gender roles and get the partners we deserve! This is a dating tip for any shy girl!

Are you a shy girl who needs dating tips? Do you plan on using these dating tips? Are there any other dating tips for a shy girl? Comment your thoughts below and share with your friends!
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