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10 Summer Hairstyles For Men To Try

10 Summer Hairstyles For Men To Try

10 Summer Hairstyles For Men To Try

Summer hairstyles should change like the weather. This is the season to let loose and live a little. I know that changing your hairstyle is a big commitment and most guys can’t even commit to a Netflix show.  

If you have a great set of hair, you need to experiment and if you don’t, fret not, we still have some options to make you look great. 

1. High And Tight

Summer is supposed to be warm and sunny. It’s time trim that lovely mane of yours and let the skin breathe fresh air once again. The high and tight hairstyle is a variation of the classic military crew cut. 

This particular cut works great if you’ve grown attached to your long locks, but want something fresh. The sides and back are shaved almost to the skin while the top is faded into long hair. 

I like this cut when it’s done particularly well, like on my man Jay Ellis. 

10 Summer Hairstyles For Men To Try

2. Drop Fade

The drop fade is a great summer hairstyle because it can with any haircut you already have. Let me explain, it isn’t a classic low-fade, instead, it drops behind the ear. 

This adds an added layer to any haircut. You can keep the rest short, or long, the only upside? You can do whatever the hell you want with it. 

The downside? You have to keep it clean or else it will look messy. 

10 Summer Hairstyles For Men To Try

3. Ceasar Crop

All. Hail. Ceasar! Honestly, this is one of my summer hairstyles on the list. It works particularly well with anyone who has a full head of hair.

This is the cut that I rock, except I have exceptional curls that I like to let droop down on the sides and the front. But, even if you have less hair, you should look to Nick Jonas here for inspiration. 

He really makes the cut work for him. I recommend it if you have an impeccable jawline. The sundresses are out, make sure your summer hairstyle brings them your way. 

10 Summer Hairstyles For Men To Try

4. The Buzz Cut

The simplest of all summer hairstyles, the buzz cut is actually very hard to pull off. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have an oddly shaped head.

This annoying kid in high school got a buzz cut and tried to blame his sister for going against the grain Naw man, you just look like a damn ostrich.

In my opinion, you don’t want to approach the bald territory, so leave a little bit more on the top when you make that commitment.

Another upside about this cut is it gives you an excuse to wear super tight beanies that don’t cover your ears and kind of look like condoms. 

Honestly, Michael B. Jordan rocks it the best. 

10 Summer Hairstyles For Men To Try

5. Military Crew Cut

This is a toned-down version of the high and tight. Go with a low fade on the sides and keep about 2-inches on the top to achieve that suave look. 

You want the longest portion of the hair to be at the front of your hairline like David Beckham. The ratio from top to the sides is crucial. You don’t want to go too short or too long either. 

10 Summer Hairstyles For Men To Try

6. Mid-Length 

If you’re a man with a glorious mane, then why aren’t you channeling Keanu Reeves? Not only does he age masterfully, but he has also become a hair god!

Yes, it’s summer and the weather is hot as hell, but you’ll look great getting all those luxurious locks wet. Be like Keanu and look badass on your Harley while running from assassins. 

Once again, channel your inner Keanu… I mean, just look at how great that hair looks! 

10 Summer Hairstyles For Men To Try

7. The “Twists” 

Twists are for anyone who does not want to commit to having dreads. Of the summer hairstyles on this list, I recommend this for anyone who already wears a hightop fade. 

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It’s way too hot to have a large amount of hair on your head. It’s perfectly easy to maintain as well too, simply ask for a fade and get the top trip every couple weeks. 

I would look at Isaiah Rashad for inspiration on how to pull this look off, it’ll add a great dimension to your look this summer. 

10 Summer Hairstyles For Men To Try

8. The Brad Pitt “Fury” 

This haircut is absolutely gorgeous. Brad is another hair god, and his look in the movie Fury is absolutely underrated. 

If you really want to turn some heads this summer, then this is the way to go. The haircut itself is called an undercut. Ask for a skin-tight fade and keep those locks up top long for either a combover or slick it back to fully complete the look. 

I’m telling you, this is possibly the best of the summer hairstyles, especially if you’re located in a warmer climate. 

10 Summer Hairstyles For Men To Try

9. Waves 

If you got it, then you flaunt it. Just be warned that you will be wave checked. If you like keeping it short during the hot months, but still have av flare for the dramatics, then this is the style for you. 

Instead of getting the full-on buzz cut, hit the barbershop and ask for a close fade, keep the top an inch or 2 more and ask for the waves. You won’t regret it. 

Waves add texture to your cut without overheating your scalp like some of the other summer hairstyles might do. 10 Summer Hairstyles For Men To Try

10. Bald, But With A Beard

If you happen to be balding or just don’t like growing your hair out, then it might be time to commit to the baldness, my good friend. Now, if you do go bald, then there is a way to still look fine as hell.

I’ll tell you a secret, grow a beard. All the best looking bald guys do this. If you really want to separate yourself from the rest of the summer hairstyles, go with this look.

Look to Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, and Will Smith as Deadshot if you think you can pull it off. It’ll look really great if you’re built like a beefcake too. A perfect chance to showcase all those winter gains!  

10 Summer Hairstyles For Men To Try

Well, men, I hope you have the opportunity to try some of these summer hairstyles. As always don’t forget to share this article and leave a comment down below! 
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