Guys, Here’s How To Wear A Leather Jacket

Alright guys, listen up. Leather jackets will never go out of style so therefore if you don’t have one in your closet right this minute, then I suggest you GET ONE. Leather is super edgy, and brings out that “bad boy” style. Which let’s be real, there’s something about a rebellious lookin’ dude that has us all attracted. So if you’re interested in spicing up your style, here’s some ideas on how to wear a leather jacket!

1) Keep It Simple

If you’re not trying to get all dressed up, a simple solution is to wear a plain white T-shirt underneath your leather jacket. The white contrasts with the black, and with these two colors paired together you can make any outfit work!

There's so many leather jacket outfits for men! I love this plain look

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2) Go All Black

Another simple solution is going incognito and wearing all black. Not only is this an easy way to “color coordinate” but it also add’s some mystery.

All black is the perfect leather jacket outfit look for men!

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3) Throw In Some Ripped Denim

If you’re really trying to look edgy, add some ripped jeans to your leather. The ripped denim adds another element to your outfit without having to accessorize.

Ripped jeans look great paired with a leather jacket outfit for men!

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4) Accessorize

If you want to accessorize, then this is the way to do it. Throw on a scarf, sunglasses, and maybe even a hat if you’re really feeling rebellious. You will be looking super fashionable for only adding a few elements. Accessories are one of the best ways on how to wear a leather jacket!

This leather jacket outfit for men is a great way to accessorize!

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5) Add Some Color

No one said that your leather had to be black you know. Red or brown jackets are fun colors to add to your leather jacket collection as well!

A pop of color looks great as a leather jacket outfit for men!

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6) Grow The Beard

The man bun & beard faze is strong right now. So if you’re interested in a more hipster vibe for your leather, grow out your hair!

This brown leather jacket outfit for men is perfect!

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7) Cooler Day? Style With A Sweater

If its a little chilly outside and your leather jacket just isn’t making the cut in warming you up, try pairing it with a sweater for some added heat. Not only does it keep you from freezing, but it’s a nice way to wear a leather jacket.

This is the perfect leather jacket outfit for men!

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8) Or Even A Flannel

A nice fall look that you can rely on is a flannel layered with your favorite leather jacket. Not only does it look great, but it keeps your body at a comfortable temperature!

Flannels look great as a leather jacket outfit for men!

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9) Own That Distressed Look

Distressed leather shows that you’re not new to this leather jacket thing, and that you’ve been rocking this look for a while. Of course, there’s ways to cheat this and actually buy your jacket distressed. However, no one has to know that right?

This distressed motorbike leather jacket for men outfit is so nice!

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10) Casual And Comfortable

If you’re more in the mood for a comfortable day, grab a matching sweatsuit and throw your leather jacket on top! Usually the colors white or black would look best with this look, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment!

I love a casual leather jacket outfit for men!

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What is your favorite leather jacket look? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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