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10 Sorority Canvases So Adorable That You Need Them Yourself

Whether it’s an impending spring recruitment season or a birthday gift for your grand little, handmade sorority canvases are a staple. Hang your DIY projects on your wall and rep your letters with a budget friendly project that screams srat.

Grab a pack of canvases and pick up some colorful paint and permanent markers and sit down with a few of your sorority sisters. It’s about to get crafty in here.

1. Mystical moon

If you’re not entirely artistically inclined and need a simple canvas suited to any room, this simple moon design is for you. I suggest drawing it out (with pencil) before taking the plunge with paint. Black can be unforgiving. For these perfectly drawn letters pull out a ruler or straight surface to stencil your lines.

2. Throw what you know

How many times has the average sorority girl heard this catch-all phrase? The limit does not exist. Trace your hands or use an image to paint your sign, and fill in with a pattern or color of your choice. To add some shimmer paint a thin base of glue and dump on some sparkles of your choice!

3. a STATEment

Trace the outline of your state and choose a background color to fill the canvas in. This sorority sister included the name in the outline, but feel free to get creative and incorporate it with letters or the fill pattern inside the state shape.

4. Your betch

If big little season is approaching, try out this quirky canvas. Grab a glitter marker to mimic these totally fetch sparkly letters. Throw it in your little’s basket alongside a few pink shirts that she can wear on Wednesday!

5. Get prickly

For those with a more boho chic aesthetic that cringe at the sight of a pink or purple canvas – this one’s for you. You’re not limited to succulents either! Choose your favorite flower or plant and make it unique. Use a super thin paintbrush to achieve the prickles pictured here.

6. Rose golden

Keep it simple yet sophisticated with this rosy canvas. Beware, if you have minimal artistic skills pulling this one off might be a feat. Pick up a few stencils from your local art store if that will give you more confidence in copying this canvas.

7. Stay sober

This canvas is for the few and fortunate who genuinely enjoy drinking whiskey. Personalize this Jack Daniels inspired canvas with all of your chapter information. Pro tip: a great hand made gift for a big or little who is turning 21!

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8. Splatter and spray

While this canvas might look like the work of Jackson Pollock, it’s relatively simple to replicate for your sorority. Grab some watercolors and lay down a plastic sheet so you can spatter paint freely onto the canvas. The gold lettering pops off the canvas and gives it a trendy touch.

9. Mountain glory

Especially for those attending college near a mountain range, try your hand at this chic canvas for some  creative wall art. Choose a background color of your choice and pull up a picture of some simplified mountains. Bonus: copy the shape of mountains nearest you for a unique flare!

10. Bohemian bounty

Get floral and flirty with this creative bouquet-inspired design. Choose colors and flowers to your liking and start by creating the shapes with paint. You can achieve this detailed look by outlining your painted shapes with a permanent black marker once they’ve dried. You’ll look like a pro painter in no time!

What’s your favorite sorority canvas? Comment yours down below.
Featured Image Source:
Quinn Gawronski

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