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12 Sorority Recruitment Outfits That Will Impress Any PNM

Truth be told, recruitment can get stressful. Both current and potential new members (PNMs) have to endure long, often draining days, all the while selling themselves and/or their organization. Having been on both ends of recruitment, I know the struggle all too well. On top of these concerns is the pressure to have the perfect outfits. What better way to impress a potential or current sister than rocking your own personal style? Though at times, recruitment may seem overwhelming, I can assure you that the outcome is worth the stress. To feel confident going into the process, I recommend these 12 looks:

1. Coastal Cutie

As someone who attends school in New England (go Bants!), I’ve seen many variations of this beachy-chic look. The combo of soft, neutral tones, halter necklines, and simple accessories never fails to impress. Dainty gold jewelry and sandals will be your savior here. You can definitely play around with color in an outfit like this, ditching the neutral tones for a pop of pastel. I’m also loving the elasticity of these types of dresses. You’re going to have a lot of long days, so comfort is key!

2. Preppy PNM

In the same vein as the Coastal Cutie, we have the Preppy PNM. Of course, you don’t have to be a PNM to pull off this look. Based on my experience, preppiness is one of the most prevalent styles I’ve seen in recruitment. So many PNMs and current members come in rocking the Blair Waldorf look. One way to personalize this outfit is to add a simple headband or pearl accents. Espadrille wedges are also a great shoe choice for preppy outfits, though keep in mind that you’ll be walking in them all day. If you’re looking for something more comfortable, try strappy sandals!

3. Academia Vibes The perfect way to show that you’re beauty and brains. Dazzle people with both your fashion and intelligence in an academia-style outfit. To achieve this look, neutrals are key. I recommend staying away from anything bulky, instead choosing light and airy clothing. And always remember your claw clip!

4. Yes Please, Y2K!

Y2K offers the perfect opportunity to go thrifting. Not only is thrifting more sustainable than shopping at big businesses, but you’re also guaranteed to pull together a more authentic Y2K outfit. Plus, what’s a better way to bond with your sisters than hitting up your local thrift shop together? Love it. Don’t be afraid to use bolder pieces of jewelry to accentuate your fun, fearless side!

5. Did Someone Say “European Vacation”? Want to look like you just hopped off a plane from Greece? Try an outfit like this! This style is both classic and timeless, automatically making you look put-together (and like a world traveler). If you want to capture the Roman Holiday vibe even more, throw in a cute hair scarf! Hair scarves offer a fun chance to play around with different patterns and colors.

6. Princesses Can Be Pledges, Too

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this, but the best feeling is dressing up like a modern Disney Princess. Who doesn’t love to twirl around in a puffy dress and kitten heels? I totally advocate bringing this energy into your recruitment outfit. The perfect way to wrap this look together is by adding a pair of dangling earrings. I like to wear my gold pearl drop earrings when I’m going for a more regal appearance. There’s no greater way to boost your confidence than to dress like you’re on Bridgerton. 

7. The Cool Girl Aesthetic A.K.A., the Scorpio Sister. Just kidding…you don’t have to be a Scorpio to work this classy, mysterious look. Try incorporating simple, patternless pieces into what you wear. For recruitment, you’ll want to use lighter tones to highlight your outgoingness and friendliness. Outfits like these give you an air of maturity and grace: two great qualities for any sister.

8. Comfy Queen

Jumpsuits, jumpsuits, jumpsuits. I can’t stress that any more. A jumpsuit, romper, or pair of loose, elegant pants will be your best friend during recruitment. If you go for the pants route, find a more form-fitting blouse to wear on top. I love a good linen pants, tied-back shirt moment. Maxi skirts are also a more comfortable alternative to mini skirts and dresses.

9. The Layered Look

Turn heads with a sleeveless, tiered dress. I adore this look: it’s both feminine and simple. The added frills make the outfit look more formal, so I might save this for the latter portion of recruitment (pref night would be the perfect occasion for this).

10. Fashion and Philanthropy

The general rule for philanthropy round (at least at my school) is to dress like you’re attending a family event. You’ll want to look elegant, but in an understated way. My advice is to go with a matching set. Matching sets make every outfit look effortlessly cohesive. I would advise you to wear either long pants or a skirt, rather than shorts.

11. Wear Your Colors!

Already a sister? Then wear your colors with pride! In my first round of recruitment last year, I found the perfect dress to flaunt AXO’s trademark red. Again, you should always want to be promoting your organization. For bonus points, you could accessorize with some jewelry that has ties to your sorority. I always try to incorporate my carnation or lightning bolt earrings into my outfits.

12. And Of Course…Show Off Your Letters! Same goes for your letters as it does your colors. Show your love for your sorority! One way to spice up a classic Greek Life tee is to pair it with a bright miniskirt. Find a skirt that will complement any hints of color in your shirt. Or, you can always stick to a neutral skirt. White works just as well to help you stand out. As a participant of the cowboy boots trend, I fully endorse completing the look with a pair of those. If the Wild, Wild West isn’t really your speed, I suggest wearing formal sandals with your shirt and skirt. Of course, you can (and should!) personalize these looks to reflect who you are. And by no means are you obliged to shop at expensive stores to imitate these outfits. Each outfit can be made budget-friendly and customizable! At the end of the day, you should dress for yourself—not to impress other people. You should ultimately choose whatever outfit best captures your personality, as well as what you feel comfortable in. True sisters will embrace you for your individuality. Have any other outfit or recruitment advice? Leave it in the comments below! Feature image source:

Jill Schuck

Hi everyone! My name is Jill, and I'm a senior at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. There, I'm studying creative writing and sociology, with plans to work in publishing. Aside from reading and writing, I enjoy traveling and practicing self-care. If you want to connect, follow my Instagram @jillschuck!

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