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12 Signs You’re From Las Vegas

12 Signs You’re From Las Vegas

Being from Las Vegas will bring you a sense of self identity that only other Las Vegas residents can relate to, and that’s what makes this sin city so great. Here are 12 signs that let you know you’re truly from Las Vegas!

Las Vegas: the city the never sleeps, the city of lights, or simply Sin City. Whatever you prefer to call it, Las Vegas, Nevada is home to hot summers, long days, and yes, more than just casinos. Being from Las Vegas will bring you a sense of self identity that only other Las Vegas residents can relate to, and that’s what makes this sin city so great. Here are 12 signs that let you know you’re truly from Las Vegas!

“Do you live in a casino?”

Let’s admit it, going out of state means that someone from a different state has asked us this at least once. People assume there isn’t much life outside of casinos. Little do they know, we actually have houses, schools, gyms, and even grocery stores! Shocker, right?!

You rarely go to the strip

Regardless of how much nonlocals think you party and spend every weekend at the casinos, you know you’re a Vegas local if you rarely step foot at the strip. Crazy tourists, bad drivers, drunk people shouting “VEGAAAAASS BABY!!!!” NOPE, no thanks!!


Going to the casinos when you were 5

Okay, nonlocals, we’ll give you this one. As a child, you know you’re from Las Vegas if you were dragged to the strip at some point, even if it was in a stroller. The only places kids have a slim chance of enjoying are M&M world and possibly Coca-Cola world right next door (especially during the holidays when the Polar Bear dresses as Santa).

Wait, why are places closed at 9pm?!

One of the great things about Las Vegas is how late everything closes. You can be out and about until 4am and easily still find a place to dine in or even shop! We truly do live in the city that never sleeps, and you know you’re from Las Vegas when you are shocked to know that not every city remains open until late at night.

Nellis and Charleston, no thanks!

Okay, everyone has the side of town they’d like to avoid. These two infamous crossing streets is that spot if you’re from Las Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, Las Vegas has great neighborhoods and communities; this is just a place most people like to avoid if possible!


MLK closed again??

Martin Luther King is a street you know by heart if you’re truly from Las Vegas. This street is always either under construction, packed with traffic, unsafe, and/or car accident prone. LV locals understand that by taking on the challenge of driving through this street means you await a mess. Nonetheless, you know you’re from Las Vegas if, knowingly and consciously, you’ll still drive down this road regardless of its proven reputation.

It’s NEVADA!!!

Perfect way to annoy a Vegas local? Pronounce Nevada “Nevahhda.” Nope. No. Please don’t. Don’t do it. You are wrong.

Construction is no big surprise

You hear people constantly nagging about construction but, at this point, LV locals are used to it. From the moment you become a resident of the fabulous Las Vegas, construction is a daily reality that you won’t ever miss upon your roaming of the streets. Yes, it’s still annoying but we are way past the nagging at this point.

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Private schools? You hate them

Okay, here’s the real test of how to know you were truly raised in Vegas. Unless you actually went to Faith Lutheran or BISHOP GORMAN(!!), you hate these private schools. Your high school probably never beat them at sports or Mock Trial, and probably never will. It’s alright though; you can join the other thousands of public high school students who hate these private institutions and their money as well (sad reacts).

The Fashion Show mall is a nag and a local treasure all at once

Let’s face it, The Fashion Show Mall is one of the best malls in terms of its wide range of stores and places to dine in. Lush, F21, Sephora, Macys, they’ve got it all! This great mall is three levels of amazing where you’ll find anything you’re looking for. However… the tourists. Getting to the mall is the greatest hassle ever! There are so many tourists wanting to park, walk across your car when the vehicle is in motion, and simply crowd the stores. Being from LV means loving and hating this mall with an enduring passion.

Back to school shopping means seeing everyone from school a little earlier than wanted

There are only so many malls that are worth going to, so it truly makes it a hassle when everyone goes to the exact same mall. Going back to school shopping for Las Vegas students means seeing everyone who you have been avoiding all summer long at the mall a few weeks before school started. That random kid from math class? You know he’ll be at Footlocker too.


Only LV locals can talk trash about LV

For the grand finale. Unless you are from Las Vegas, you are not allowed to trash talk Las Vegas. A clear sign you are from Las Vegas is when you can go day and night nagging about all the things wrong with this city, but when anyone from any other place goes as far as saying a single bad thing about Las Vegas, that’s when boundaries have been crossed, and the fight begins. Las Vegas locals are very protective of our city, and only we are allowed to say it’s too hot or that our streets are poorly built. We love our city and wouldn’t want to say we are from anywhere else!


Are you from Las Vegas? Let us know what you think in the comments below!
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