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20 Signs You’re A Kid At Heart

20 Signs You’re A Kid At Heart

Now that you're an adult, you'd give anything to be a kid. Here are 20 signs that even if you're an adult on the outside, you're still a kid at heart.

When you were a kid, you couldn’t wait to grow up. You wanted to have all the neat jobs and cool toys that the adults had. Now that you’re actually an adult, you’d give anything to go back to being a kid for just a day. Here are 20 signs that even if you’re an adult on the outside, you’re still a kid at heart.

1. You can still rap the better part of the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song.

“So this is the story all about how…”


2. Getting gas evenly is soo satisfying.


3. You spend stupid money on fancy drinks.

4. You’re jealous of any house that has a trampoline.

5. You still jump on hotel beds.

Not repeatedly or anything, but at least one satisfying leap-and-flop when you first check in is required.



6. You low-key miss getting crayons and coloring paper to occupy your time while you wait at restaurants.

7. You can goof around with your friends like nobody’s watching.

8. Building sand castles at the beach is a quality way to spend your time.

I should be getting paid for my art.


9. If Cartoon Network is on the TV, you probably won’t go to the effort to change it.

10. You wish you could ride your dog like a horse.

11. Recess should be a thing at your day job.

12. So should nap time.

13. When it’s the first snow of the season, you have to resist the urge to jump and make a snow angel or start building snowmen.

14. Or you don’t resist.

There’s nothing like it.


15. You still think of what you’re going to do when you get older as “when I grow up…”

16. You make wishes at 11:11.


17. Clouds still look like shapes. Look, it’s a bunny rabbit! Or maybe a dragon?

Actually, maybe it’s just a blob…

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18. Thunderstorms can be scary.

19. Don’t let a hand or a foot hang over the edge of your bed.

Because then a monster might grab it and drag you under!

20. Some days you feel like you really don’t know anything about the world.

I’m sorry, what?!?


If you do a few or more of these things, don’t be embarrassed! It just means that despite all of the everyday stresses of being a “functioning adult” (whatever that is), you’ve managed to retain your youth in unique ways. Three cheers for you!

Hip Hip, Hooray!
Hip Hip, Hooray!
Hip Hip, Hooray!!!
What are some other signs you’re a kid at heart? Share in the comments below!
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