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The Best US Cities to Visit in your 20s

The Best US Cities to Visit in your 20s

The Best US Cities to Visit in your 20s

When you think of places to go in your 20s, you may think of places like Cabo, the Bahamas, Miami, to party and forget about real life. But, what about the amazing food and culture you can soak up whilst traveling? I’ve listed my top favorite places I’ve traveled to in my 20s, why I’ve fallen in love with all of them, and probably why I can’t ever stay home for a summer to save my life.


1. Seattle

Seattle is one of my favorite Washington cities by far. It’s is so diverse and a wonderful place to visit. Between the food, music and small shops, you can’t go wrong. Pike Place is one of my favorite places in the world. Watch a fish being thrown through the market, and take a trip to see the amazing comic book stores and antique shops.The Giant Shoe Museum is such a fun and silly place to visit. These may sound like quirky places, but it’s worth the memories. Buy a silly toy in the magic shop and get a taste of the homemade goodies from all around. The potato and cheese piroshkies at Piroshky Piroshky are the most delicious bakery item in the universe. This is where the first-ever Starbucks is also located, so check that out, too!

The best US cities to visit in your 20s - Seattle 1

 The best US cities to visit in your 20s - Pike Place

2. Tulsa

Oklahoma might night come to mind when you think of places you must visit, but this place is actually really awesome. When you come here see if Guthrie Green is up and running, and take a Sunday and enjoy the nice weather and live music. Scope through booths for homemade jewelry, or a fun shirt with a witty “southern” remark that lets everyone know you visited Tulsa. If you’re here on a Wednesday, go to “Food Truck Wednesday” and enjoy some amazing food from some of the top food trucks in Tulsa. And, if you’re feeling shoppy, take a trip to Brookside or Utica and go to the local shops (I try to shop local when I visit new cities).

The best US cities to visit in your 20s - Tulsa Food Trucks

 The best US cities to visit in your 20s - Utica

3. NYC

I called NYC home for 6 months and I can’t tell you how amazing it was. The food has to be a sin because I swear I walked everywhere and I still gained weight there. You can take the subway anywhere, or just walk around busy Manhattan and get lost in the crowd. If you want to experience what it’s like to live life at 100 miles an hour, this is definitely the place to do it. Beyond the hustle and bustle that makes NYC what it is, you will meet the most amazing people with incredible stories. I even made a friend on a subway car.  This place isn’t for everyone, but it can give you an experience that will stick with you for a very long time. It’s literally like another world here.

The best US cities to visit in your 20s - New York

4. Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee is probably the best city for you to visit if you are into the whole bar and party scene. Downtown is full of fun pubs, and there are always street performances happening. Nashville is popular for many things, but its most significant characteristic is the music culture. Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and so many others have made their marks in this city. There are tons of places to play, listen and learn about music. Of course the food is a HUGE part of this city. Get the best of both music and food in downtown Nashville on Music Row.

 The best US cities to visit in your 20s - Nashville Downtown

5. Orlando

Orlando is great for many things, but for me, and many other people, Disney World is what comes to mind when I think Orlando – or Florida for that matter. I’m so excited to soon call this place home. We all love the magical feeling we get when we walk through the doors and walk straight onto Main Street, or the excitement of getting out first ears.

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Sometimes, all we need is a place where the weight of being an adult is taken away for a few hours. We don’t think about how many calories in that dole whip you’re about to devour, or the Mickey Mouse ice-cream that you want to you’ll eat after lunch. You can feel like a kid during the day at the parks, and then take a trip to Epcot to drink some “adult beverages” from all around the world. Trust me, you’ll also want to try a crèpe in France. Even if you’re feeling like you’re too old, Mickey is always there with opening arms.

The best US cities to visit in your 20s - Orlando The best US cities to visit in your 20s - Disney


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