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15 Things To Do Around GWU

15 Things To Do Around GWU

As great as the George Washington University is, everyone needs a break from Campus once and a while. Keep reading for 15 things to do around GWU.

As great as the GW is, everyone needs a break from Campus once and a while. And being in the heart of the city provides endless opportunities for exploring the world outside of Foggy Bottom. Keep reading for 15 things to do around GWU.

 1. Get pizza delivered to the Lincoln Memorial.

Yes. Domino’s will deliver pizza to steps of the Lincoln Memorial. And trust me after a long week, this could serve as the ultimate treat yo self.

2. Take the Metro to a Washington Nationals Game.

Going to at least one game is almost as necessary as staying in Thurston your freshman year. Not a must, but highly recommended.

 3. Go to the Library of Congress.

Whether your trying to study or just escape the typical Gelman – Starbucks scene, The Library of Congress could be your new best friend.  The rotunda and vintage wood details are pretty incredible. And on top of that its free for DC students. And who doesn’t like free stuff?

4. Speaking of free, take advantage of all the museums and exhibits.

As cliche as it sounds, go to the museums. Your only 6 blocks away from the mall and all it has to offer. You’d be amazed at how many times you’ll find yourself visiting the same exhibits over and over again.

5. Visit Alexandria, VA.

Only a 20 minute metro ride from the Foggy Bottom stop, Alexandria is a quick escape from the city. Plus, the prices are more forgiving than Georgetown.


6. Go kayaking on the Potomac.

Don’t knock it until you try it. Even if your not into the the whole boating thing, kayaking on the river can be a great stress reliever.

7. See, do, and eat your way through Dupont Circle.

Brunch. Brunch. And More Brunch.

8. Catch a performance at The Kennedy Center.

From musicals, to stand up comedy, to free yoga classes, the Kennedy center always has something going on. And even if the arts aren’t your forte, you got to check out the view of the city from the roof top patio.

9. Participate in a protest or rally… even if it on accident.

Even if you’re not into the whole political scene, chances are you’ll walk right into a protest, why not embrace it?

10. Visit the monuments after midnight or at dusk.

First date, Morning run, late night convos, and lets not forget the #sunset #sooopretty #onlyatgw insta pics. The numbers things you can do at the monuments are endless.

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 11. Go to a concert at the Verizon Center.

Almost every artist and band will make a stop at the Version Center. And since the arena is only an 8 minute metro ride from foggy bottom, you’ll definitely want to keep tabs on who’s coming in town.


12. Visit coffee shops that aren’t Starbucks.

Chances are, your Gelbuck’s almond milk latte is mainly Luke-warm almond milk with a splash of whatever coffee that was brewed earlier that morning. Venture out and find a place that makes a latte that is actually Instagram worthy.

13. Go ice skating at the National Gallery of Art and Sculpture Garden Rink.

Though, you’ll have to wait until November to do this one, its definitely something to keep in mind once the temperature starts dropping.

14. Visit Roosevelt Island.

If you’re looking to be ‘one with nature’ this is definitely the place. Only half a mile from the foggy bottom campus, Roosevelt Island is seriously a forest in the middle of the city.

15. Just get out and go!

In the end, just getting out and explore the city can be one of the best things to do. You never know what or who you could stumble upon.

What are your favorite things to do around GWU? Let us know in the comments below!
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