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20 Signs You Grew Up In The Tri-Town

20 Signs You Grew Up In The Tri-Town

If you are fortunate to live in one of these three towns, you know how spot on our list is. Read on for 20 signs your grew up in the Tri-Town.

Every hometown has their own inside jokes, slang, places, and overall common knowledge that makes it feel like home. Whether you are from Norfolk, Wrentham, or Plainville, these three towns combine together to make the famous “tri-town.” If you are fortunate to live in one of these three towns, you know EXACTLY what comes to mind someone asks what it’s like living in the tri-town; below are 20 signs you grew up in the Tri-Town.

1. Driving through the tri-town and seeing at least one person you know

Ever since I got my license at 16 I’ve become extremely aware of my surroundings while driving; specifically, seeing people I know drive past me or just around town. I could be going to the mall or to get something to eat and see a minimum of three of my friend’s cars go past me in a span of ten minutes. Even in three big towns, it’s a small, small world.

2. GPL (aka the “Gravel Parking Lot”)

The infamous “famous” spot in the center of Wrentham. Whether you’re meeting up with friends, dropping off cars, or doing an occasional “stake-out” Saturday night, the GPL is always busy with cars coming in and out. Both a pro and con, it seems to monitored by cops way too often (and many of us can understand why).


3. Avoiding the Outlets on the weekends, Black Friday, Memorial Day, and any other holiday

If you are truly from the tri-town you know the exact times and days to avoid the Wrentham Outlets. Being the absolute tourist destination, the Outlets can make your day from sunshine and rainbows to a Hell in thirty seconds. From the minute coming off the highway and sitting in traffic for 30 minutes to spending another thirty minutes trying to find parking (and this happening on a regular weekday), you know how much worse it gets on the holidays and weekends.

4. Getting Nicky’s breakfast and ice cream at least once a week

From getting a chocolate frappe after school or ordering a short stack of chocolate chip pancakes Saturday morning with friends, Nicky’s restaurant is a staple to the tri-town. Beside’s Monday’s when they are closed, you can never drive by to see the parking lot empty or no one outside eating ice cream.


5.  Running into teachers, coaches, and anyone you know at the Plainville Target

Even when I tell myself I’m only going to Target for one thing and one thing only, I always end up with more than I need and seeing people I rather not see outside of school.

6. Being the last school in the area to call for a snow day

If there is anything I’ve learned from the KP public school system, we are the absolute LAST school in Massachusetts to call off school due to snow. Even if the weatherman says we’ll be having a blizzard Monday morning, it’s always Monday morning right when I’m ready to go to the school that KP calls.


7. Friday night football games in the Wigwam

One of the perks being a senior at KP is getting to sit in the Wigwam during football games at home. No better feeling than being with everyone, chanting “I believe that we will win!” throughout the game and for the most part, us always ending up winning.

8. Seeing at least one cop when driving through town(s)

Another thing I came to realize ever since I got my license: cops are EVERYWHERE. Every time I drive (and it happens every. single. time) I see at least one cop in Norfolk, Wrentham or Plainville. And of course, let’s not forget those people who drive the same type of cars that cops drive… I do hate you if that’s you.


9. Knowing the tri-town “slang”

Ever since the awkward middle school stage till now, the tri-town has developed their own kind of language: from muck, unciv, and kips, the list is endless and keeps growing. I still get looks from other people when I say those words (sorry not sorry).



10. Going to the Wrentham Crackle Barrel Fair in the fall

Ever since I was little until sophomore year in high school, I was always excited to go to the annual Wrentham Crackle Barrel Fair with my friends. Friday and Saturday nights were prime time to hang out with friends, get fried dough, and almost seeing death on the Zipper.

11. Making a trip to the NPL during exam weeks

Something I wish I knew (and made a routine of) earlier in high school was going to the Norfolk Public Library during midterms and finals. After grabbing some iced coffee at either Cilia’s or Dunkin Donuts, I would meet up with my friends and spend hours and hours studying, crying, and sleeping until the library closed. In a way, it was realistically getting me prepared for college.


12. Spending ALL your money on food is the only social activity

Even with the tri-town consisting of three pretty big towns, there can be very little to do and soon it becomes a ritual to go out every weekend and spend money purely on food. From BWW and Cosi at Mansfield Crossing to getting Chipotle at Franklin Village Center or getting Hibachi at Saga in Patriots Place, the options are endless. However, my bank account hates me more and more when I go out.

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13. Going to DARE Camp

Ah, this defines what middle school was all about. I remember sitting in a field with all my other classmates and hearing the stories about drugs and alcohols, the dangers, and what could happen if I got caught up in the middle of those. Well, safe to say I’m still here and doing pretty good.


14. Avoiding the Wrentham Dunkin Donuts before 7 a.m.

I as well as many other kids found it hard to concentrate during school without an iced coffee and bagel from Dunkin Donuts. However, you have to plan your time accordingly so you’re not sitting in the drive thru for a good fifteen minutes. Get there early so you don’t find yourself with another tardy slip.

15. Referring to the KP Football team (and yourself) as “Superbowl Champs”

One of the highlights of my senior year in high school was watching my school’s football team be titled the “Superbowl Champs” of the 2016-2017 football season. Getting to sit at Gillette Stadium with the entire tri-town watching over team dominate was one of the most unforgettable experiences (definitely one for the books).


16. Having late night Omega trips WAY too often

Again, food seems to be the only social activity in the tri-town; with that said, ordering a buffalo chick calzone with ranch on the side has become my guilty pleasure. I always tell myself I’ll go to the gym the next day, many times I lie to myself.

17. Going to the classic Camp Bournedale trip in 6th grade

Hands down the best field trip any 6th grader will take when attending one of the elementary schools in the tri-town. Camp Bournedale was the place to make memories with friends, laugh, and overall have a great time with your classmates. Looking back now, times have defiantly changed.


18. Hatred towards the enemy Town: Franklin

The tri-town has one of the “love-hate” relationships with the neighboring town of Franklin. From competing in sports to just see anyone from Franklin can go either way. But again, we did win the Superbowl so…

19. Knowing at least one person who lives on Lake Archer or Lake Pearl

When school gets out and the weather gets warm out, it’s always key to find someone who lives on either Lake Archer or Lake Pearl. From jumping off docks, paddle boarding, and tubing, the lakes are the best way to cool off during those hot summer days and nights.


20. Being lucky enough to live in the tri-town!

I always told myself I could not wait to get out of the tri-town; I wanted to go off to school far away so I wasn’t close to home anymore. However, there’s something special about the tri-town and it’s really one of a kind. From the little inside jokes to the people who live here, the tri-town always has a special place for those who call it home.

What are some other signs you grew up in the Tri-Town? Let us know in the comments below!
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