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8 Signs That He’s Not That Into You

8 Signs That He’s Not That Into You

8 Signs That He's Not That Into You

We’ve all been there. Constantly checking our phones for a text message off that special someone, the many stalking sessions that take place with friends and the nights we can’t sleep because our minds are on over drive. I appreciate that some men don’t know how to show emotion when it comes to relationships, but the reality is, if it feels like he’s distant and not really into it – then he’s most probably not that into you. A painful ordeal we’ve all had to go through, but you can stop it before the damage is done – know the signs. Here are 8 signs that he’s not that into you.

1. If He Doesn’t Message You On The Regular

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we waste so much time staring at our phone screens hoping for a text back. Over analysing every message you send and every message he sends back. We literally turn into a crazy person. If he doesn’t text back at all, then all I can say is boy bye! If he does text back, but it’s totally vague and not conversational, then girl what are you doing? If he doesn’t want to know how your day was then you need to beat him at his own game. You are way more than just an option.

8 Signs That He’s Not That Into You

2. He Never Wants To Spend Time With You

The best part of a new blossoming relationship is the time you get to spend together. The time you can really get to know each other is the most exciting time of the relationship, known as ‘the chase’. But, if this isn’t happening and he’s making zero effort to see you and spend time with you, then he’s simply not that into you. When men want something or care about something, they do everything they can to get it. No matter how busy you are, you always find time for the things you want to do.

3. It’s Always All About Him

At the start of a relationship you should be getting to know each other, what you both like and what you both hate. This is a standard procedure which goes without saying, right? But, if he only talks about himself, and isn’t interested in the little things that you like, then I don’t think hes that into you. When you actually like someone, and want to be with somebody, you truly want to know everything thing about them. But if they aren’t even giving you the time of day, and all they care about is themselves and bragging about what they’ve done and what they like, then its time to pull the plug on the whole thing.

8 Signs That He’s Not That Into You

4. He’s More Interested In His Hair Than You

I don’t care what anyone says, boys are just as bad as girls for high self-maintenance. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good when a boy looks after himself, but there is a line that they should not cross. Trust me, I’ve been there and bought the bloody t-shirt. Instead of listening to what you have to say and engaging in conversation with you, they’re too busy looking in the window reflection adjusting their impeccably (and actually quite impressive) gelled quiff.

8 Signs That He’s Not That Into You

5. He’s always On His Phone When He’s With You

There’s nothing more frustrating than someone who is constantly on their phone. Especially if it’s someone you actually want to fully engage with and get to know. It’s also incredibly rude, and often a sign that he’s just not that into you. It’s an incredibly dis-heartening feeling, all kind of things go through your head. Who is he texting? Are they talking about me? If someone or something is more important than you, then why would you wanna’ go there anyway?

6. You’re Always Questioning It

Us girls have a super power, and that super power is knowing when something’s wrong. Our gut instincts rarely let us down, and this is no exception. Do you have to question what he does? What he says to you? Do you just have that ‘feeling’ that something’s wrong? Then it probably is. Always trust your instinct, if you have to constantly question his interest then stop putting yourself through it – he’s not that interested.

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8 Signs That He’s Not That Into You

7. He Doesn’t Want To Commit

Maybe he’s more into the attention that you give him, rather than being totally into you. Some boys simply want it all. They want the caring affection and loving attention on a hung-over Sunday morning, but then they still want to be ‘one of the boys’ and party Saturday night away with his friends. Well, sorry boys – you can’t have it all. If this is the case, don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Know the difference between love and lust. Does he just like the idea of you? Or is he making up excuses as to why he’s ‘too scared’ to commit? Either way, you’re worth more than shitty excuses. Don’t let him make you feel guilty for wanting more.

8 Signs That He’s Not That Into You

8. He’s Distant Even When You’re Together

Is it like getting blood out of a stone? Does he barely show you any affection or attention? I believe that silence is better than bullshit, and at least he’s not leading you on and saying things he knows you want to here. But there comes a point where it makes you question yourself, and that’s simply unacceptable. If you’re the one who’s constantly making the first move, the one to always text first – it can get pretty draining and disheartening after a while. If he’s acting distant and detached from you, then that’s because he wants to be – a sign that he’s just not that into you.

Are there any other signs that are red flags when someone isn’t into you? Let us know in the comments below!

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