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10 Budget Friendly Activities To Do For A Social Catch Up

10 Budget Friendly Activities To Do For A Social Catch Up

10 Budget Friendly Activities To Do For A Social Catch Up

Need some inspiration for things to do with your friends even though you’re broke?

Sometimes the pressure of life catches up to you and you find yourself juggling way too many things like finances, family and friends. You feel bad because you can’t keep up with the expensive social life you think you need to keep your friends. Well, I’m here to tell you that there are plenty of options for a free or low cost catch up with your friends. Simplify your activities and you’ll find your bank account thanking you.

1. Break Out The Arts And Crafts

Do you have paper and pencils lying around? Or maybe your friends has an old paint set they can bring over. Go wild and create some unique homemade cards for your friends and family, a cheaper and more personal alternative than store bought ones. Together you and your friends can laugh and support each others creations.

You could also follow a Bob Ross tutorial on YouTube, buying cheap paint supplies from the dollar store! His wholesome aura will make you and your friends enjoy every second. Or you guys will struggle and have a great story to tell later on.

10 Budget Friendly Activities For A Social Catch Up

2. Visit An Art Gallery

Search online for free entry at art gallery’s in your city, there’s bound to be a few! Explore your creative mind and speculate the meaning of life with your friends as you observe the art. Or take a few cool pictures for your Instagram, that’s budget content!

3. Movie Night

Movie tickets can be expensive these days so why not set up Netflix on your TV and have some friends over to watch a new release! Provide your own buttered popcorn and candy so you don’t break your budget and you won’t even miss the extravagantly priced luxuries.

10 Budget Activities To Do For A Social Catch Up

4. Picnic

Invite some friends to your local park, bring a picnic rug and tell everyone to bring something to share! This is perfect for warm weather, bring a ball or frisbee and spend hours in the park talking, eating and being active. This budget friendly activity is completely wholesome.

5. Sleepover

Why not change your girls night location from a bar to your bedroom. Invite your girls over for a traditional sleepover, like the ones you used to have as a kid. Buy loads of junk food, paint your nails and do a face mask. Gossip about the people you like or don’t like. It’ll feel cathartic to catch up and vent with your friends. Bring some cheap wine to differentiate from your childhood sleepovers.

10 Budget Friendly Activities To Do For A Social Catch Up

6. Baking

Let your culinary skills take over and organise a baking day with your friends! Flour, butter and sugar are all staples in your pantry and make a great base to heaps of baking recipes. Bake cookies and cupcakes for your family or make little care packages for friends who couldn’t make it! Best of all, you get to taste all your creations! This budget friendly activity will make your mouth water.

10 Budget Friendly Activities To Do For A Social Catch Up

7. Board Game Night

Ask your friends to bring over their favourite board games and make a night of it! See who is the most competitive and make a drinking game out of it.

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10 Budget Friendly Activities For A Social Catch Up

8. Video Game Night

Indulge in a little nostalgia and bust out the old Nintendo 64  or Wii! Play Mario Kart with your friends, see who loses terribly and make them take a drink each time.  All you need is a console, tv and snacks for a great night!

10 Budget Friendly Activities For A Social Catch Up

9. Hiking

Find some great day walks in your area by searching online and ask a few friends to take the challenge with you! Spend the day exploring nature, all you need is a car to get you there and some high energy snacks to keep you going!

10 Budget Friendly Activities For A Social Catch Up

10. Ask A Friend To Run Some Errands With You

Simply asking a friend to come with you as you pick up something for your mum or get organised for a party is a great way to catch up with someone. Sometimes company is all you need and you might find your friendships developing because you feel more comfortable doing mundane things in their presence. Any experience is enjoyable with a good friend.

Let us know if you do any of these activities!

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