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5 Types Of Boyfriends You Will Definitely Have In Your Lifetime

5 Types Of Boyfriends You Will Definitely Have In Your Lifetime

There are definitely certain types of boyfriends out there, all bearing a different lesson in love. We put together a list of boyfriends you'll have.

There are certain types of boyfriends that you are guaranteed to experience. We’ve all been there. One minute you’re flirting with that cute guy in class the next you’re celebrating your 3 month anniversary. Relationships just happen. Some good, some horrible, all with a lesson to be learned. Whichever it may be, there are definitely types of people out there and it’s just a little bit soothing to realize this. It helps us make sense of what we’ve been through and what is yet to come. Sometimes in love, this is essential. We’ve put together a list of 5 different types of boyfriends you will definitely have in your lifetime, and what exactly you may learn from them.

1. The Safe Guy

He’s the guy who has always been there for you, even though you completely friend-zoned him years ago. You’ve probably known him forever and can tell he’s stupidly in love with you but you can’t help but string him along. He’s just so nice and gets you. You probably end up dating him for a while, and things seem like they should be perfect but they’re just not. For whatever reason, you know it’ll never work out, no matter how much you consider him your bestie. The spark just isn’t there and sooner or later you’ll realize it…and have to break his heart. He’s one of the types of boyfriends that will end in heartbreak but it was fun while it lasted. He’ll be hurt, you’ll feel bad for getting his hopes up in the first place but it had to happen. Hopefully you can still be friends.

5 Types Of Boyfriends You Will Definitely Have In Your Lifetime

2. The One Night Stand Gone Too Long

Now, this is one of the types of boyfriends that you truly never saw coming. We’ve all been here on this one. Maybe it was that extra glass of Chardonnay or you had a bad day at work and your girls treated you to one too many Margaritas. Whatever it was, you woke up beside that cute bartender the next morning with few memories of how you got there. Only now, he’s making you breakfast? Then a month later, you’re still in the same drunken-hookup-breakfast-in-our-underwear routine you were doing when you two met. Yup, it’s happened. You’ve somehow become a thing with this guy who was only supposed to be a hookup. And now things are blurry.

You think you’re dating but wouldn’t necessarily introduce this guy to your friends (you barely even see each other sober and with clothes on), yet you do get along and always seem to have the first meal of the day together. This boyfriend is the “One Night Stand Gone Too Far” and if you just don’t know what to do about it. You would never go out of your way to date this guy but the routine of hooking up drunk is just too nice to let go…but sooner or later you’ll realize you need a relationship that has a little more depth than what this guy can give you and you’ll be relieved with yourself when you finally move on. Well, at least you learned something.

5 Types Of Boyfriends You Will Definitely Have In Your Lifetime

3. The Man-Child

This guy is such a momma’s boy after you guys break up, you even understand how you dated him in the first place. They’re the types of boyfriends who would show up to a fancy dinner with friends in a wrinkly and stained T-shirt (probably because his mom never taught him how to do his own laundry), and who would rather spend the night ignoring you for his video games instead a romantic evening out.

Not only will you somehow get caught showing him how to file his taxes or even pay his hydro bill, but you’ll also get tired of always hanging out in his bedroom with all the dirty dishes and smelly socks that he’s probably waiting for his mom to visit and clean up.

This guy will be a wonder to you and your friends as to why you even dated in the first place, but he did have a (however childlike) sweet side you admired for a bit.

5 Types Of Boyfriends You Will Definitely Have In Your Lifetime

4. The Sensitive Artist

This is the most cliche out of the types of boyfriends. Maybe you’ll meet this guy at a gallery opening or a slam poetry event where he’s reading poems about how much he hates his ex-girlfriend and how social media is ruining our lives. He’ll probably rock that “I-don’t-even-try-to-be-hipster look”, and you’ll swoon. At first, you’ll think he’s so aware and sensitive, and that this is exactly what you’ve been missing in a BF.  Until one day you get tired of the constant, rants about how males experience sexism too, and the once deeply beautiful poems and drawings he makes for you will just seem cheesy.

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You’ll probably get tired of his too-tight jeans and reassuring him that his art “matters” and you’ll realize you’re better off without him. Your girlfriends will probably thank you for saving them from another grueling open mic night where all this guy does is talk about himself over his over-priced craft beer. Trust, you dodged a bullet with this dude.

5 Types Of Boyfriends You Will Definitely Have In Your Lifetime

5. The Jerky Bad Boy

This guy will probably be extremely dark and alluring. Maybe with a troubled past or a broken childhood that he uses to justify his troublesome ways that you will try, oh-so-hard, to fix and mend. This guy will reek danger and meanness but will make you feel so special by showing you a softer, sweeter side that will keep you hooked on him for a while. After a while, you won’t be fooled anymore though.

You’ll soon realize you can’t change him, no matter how hard you try and that maybe you want a guy who is nice to everyone, not just you. And is he even nice to you really? Once you break up, you won’t miss the constant nurturing and pleas of change you had to give him, and definitely not all those nights you spent thinking to yourself “Was he flirting that girl at the bar?“. Your friends will probably be happy you finally realized you deserved better.

5 Types Of Boyfriends You Will Definitely Have In Your Lifetime

Which of these types of boyfriends have you already dated? Comment below and share some a relationship horror of your own!

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