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Safety Tips For Every City Girl

Safety Tips For Every City Girl

Living in a city as a woman can be a daunting experience, especially at night, here are some great safety tips to make you feel more at ease.

1. Check your new apartment for cameras

If you’re moving into a new apartment it’s important to check for hidden cameras as unfortunately, it’s entirely possible that your landlord may be spying on you. Checking areas such as smoke detectors for hidden cameras is a very important step to guarantee your safety. It’s also important not to announce your address loudly in any public area, you can even write in down for someone rather than saying it aloud if that makes you feel safer.

Safety Tips For Every City Girl

2. Watch your drink

Never leave your drink unattended anywhere, and also make sure to watch your drink being made by the bartender. This will ensure predators will not be able to slip any drugs into your drink. If you don’t want to bring your drink into the bathroom with you (although I’d recommend you do), leave it with someone you trust and tell them to watch it and not put it down anywhere.

3. Check into a hotel safely

When checking into a hotel or bed and breakfast make sure the receptionist does not announce your room number loudly or in range of anyone being able to hear it, this will ensure your privacy and security. Also always keep your hotel door locked when inside and outside of the room, and if you order room service ask who is at the door before opening it.

Safety Tips For Every City Girl

4. Use self-defence methods

Although self-defence items such as pepper spray are illegal in the UK there are other alternatives, on Amazon you can buy a ‘defence spray’ which does not hurt the attackers eyes but instead sprays them with thick red liquid that will temporarily blind and distract them, the red stain will also last up to a week which will help police identify the attacker. If you can, it’s also a great idea to take self-defence classes however if attacked the most important thing to focus on is getting away from the predator, not necessarily injuring them.

5. Be cautious about your car

When walking to your car alone if you see a vehicle parked next to it get into the car on the other side, there could be predators waiting inside that vehicle (especially if it’s a van) ready to grab you. But trust your gut, if something is telling you it’s not right calmly walk away back to where you were before (restaurant/shopping centre etc.) and call someone to come to pick you up, there’s no harm in being cautious.

Safety Tips For Every City Girl

6. Walking home at night

Keep your phone in your hand but not in an obvious manner as this might attract thieves. Instead, have it unlocked in your pocket in your hand and be ready to dial 999 for help. Putting your keys pointing outwards in between your knuckles will also act as a weapon in case you need to defend yourself. If you’re wearing heels take them off and hold them in your hand, these can also be used as a weapon.

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Safety Tips For Every City Girl

7. Share your uber status

If you’re taking an uber make sure to share your status with someone so they can follow your ride. Also, text or call friends and talk to them while you are in the uber and say “yeah I’m just in my uber should be there in five minutes” so your uber driver knows people will be expecting you.

8. Don’t talk on the phone

If you’re walking alone talking on the phone will actually not help you as it will make you look distracted and therefore vulnerable. Instead, walk confidently to your location, this is more likely to intimidate predators into leaving you alone as you look unnerved and therefore threatening.

Safety Tips For Every City Girl

Hopefully, these safety tips will help you feel more at ease when living in a city. Have you got any safety tips for city living? Share them with us down in the comments below!

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