Our Ultimate Galentine’s Guide

Here's our ultimate Galentine's Guide for a day to remember. Leave partners, boyfriends, and lovers outside: February 13th is all about friends! 

True trendsetters set themselves apart from the herd, so let’s leave the rest of the world to celebrate Valentine’s Day while we opt for something better. Ladies, it is time to read our Galentine’s guide and celebrate Galentine’s Day!

But What Is Galentine’s Day?

Our Ultimate Galentine's Guide

As Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation” teaches us, Galentine’s day is the best day you could possibly have with your ladies, and it’s celebrated on February 13th. Leave partners, boyfriends, and lovers outside: February 13th is all about friends! Here’s our ultimate Galentine’s Guide for a day to remember.

1. Kick It Breakfast-Style

Our Ultimate Galentine's Guide

Get your gals hyped up and organize either a solid brunch or a nice breakfast on February 13th. And before you ask, yes, this is valid even if it’s a weekday. Share a lot of good food, be together and be happy! It’s the start of a great day.

2. Show Some Love To Your Friends

Our Ultimate Galentine's Guide

Celebrate your lady friends by getting them either handmade or matching gifts, they’ll surely appreciate it. The more personal, the better.

3. Ovaries Before Brovaries

Our Ultimate Galentine's Guide

Golden Rule of our Galentine’s Guide: NO RELATIONSHIP-TALK! Today is all about girls and friendship: Galentine’s day is made to avoid romance, indeed!

4. Cocktail Night-In & Chick Flicks

Our Ultimate Galentine's Guide

A great day only ends with a great night. Organize a tipsy night-in at your place: print out some exotic cocktail recipes and prepare them with your ladies! Of course, tasting is part of the process. Then prepare some nachos, some popcorn and get ready for a total chick-flick movie night with your friends – and don’t forget your cocktails!

Are you going to celebrate on February 13th following our Galentine’s Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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