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10 Signs Your Friends Are Fake AF

10 Signs Your Friends Are Fake AF

As much as we want to believe that everyone who is nice to us is our friend, we can't believe it. Here are signs your friends are fake AF.

You will meet all different kinds of people throughout your life especially in college. You also might think every person you meet and who is nice to you is your friend. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that isn’t completely true. As much as we want to believe that everyone who is nice to us is our friend, we can’t believe it. We have to make sure that the people who are nice to us, who try to be our friends are truly our friends. Here are signs your friends are fake AF:

1. You’re constantly making the plans

If you are the one who is constantly trying to get your friends together to go out or see a movie, then you might have some fake friends. When it comes to friendship, it is important for both parties to actively communicate in order to stay in touch. It is not fair if one person is only communicating.

2. They constantly are late to your plans

It is rude when a friend shows up late to your plans. If there is a legit reason or it has only happened once or twice, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if it constantly happens then you might have something to worry about.

3. You’re not included in the group’s plans

If there have been times where your group of friends have gone out and specifically excluded you from that outing, then you might have something to worry about. In general, it isn’t a good sign if you’re the one being excluded from the group.

4. You’ve been left at the bar/restaurant multiple times

Like I said before, it isn’t good to be excluded from the group. It is even worse if you are left somewhere because it means they mentally forgot about you. If this happens multiple times, you should be concerned about the type of friends you have.


5. You’re kept out of the loop of the group

It is completely alright if friends keep secrets from you because it is their right to privacy. That being said, it may be a little concerning if a friend is telling everyone but you. It possibly means that they don’t trust you compared to the other friends you share.

6. They have spilled your secrets before

It is one thing to have secrets kept from you and another to have your secrets spilled to other people by people who you told your secrets in confidence. It is a complete betrayal of trust, and if a friend spills your secrets you really should consider your friend’s loyalty to you.

7. They talk about you behind your back

It is absolutely horrible when your secrets are spilled, and it is also absolutely horrible when a friend of yours talks about you behind your back. If you catch a friend talking about you, then they don’t respect you.

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8. They always ask you for favors

It’s always good to do your friends a favor every now and then, and there shouldn’t be any limit to those favors. However, this can be an issue under certain circumstances.


9. But never help you out when you ask for a favor

If they have never helped you out with a favor, but you have helped them multiple times then your friends might be taking advantage of your kindness. True friends don’t take advantage of your kindness, they appreciate it graciously by returning it every so often.

10. They expect you to take care of them but will never do the same for you

When one of your friends is sick or possibly a little too drunk to function, they might expect you to take care of them. However, when you are in your time of need they might choose not to notice or choose not to help you. This can be a sign that they don’t truly care about your well-being as much as you do, which can be hurtful.

I hope this is helpful to everyone out there who might be wondering if their friends are true or fake.

What are some other signs your friends are fake AF? Share in the comments below!
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