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10 Small Tattoo Ideas For Guys

10 Small Tattoo Ideas For Guys

If you’re feeling the itch to get a new (or your first!) tattoo but also feel some hesitation you’re not alone. The commitment of a tattoo is quite a decision to make when you’re looking at the almost limitless amount of designs out there for what to ink onto yourself.  These small tattoo ideas for guys are possible options to consider when looking at what to get. The good thing about small tattoo ideas for guys such as these is that you can get them in coverable places and the small size lets the time required and cost of the tattoo typically be less. If you’re going for your first tattoo then a smaller one is probably a better and safer option. Here are 10 small tattoo ideas for guys that you can consider for your first, or next, ink.

1. Star

A star can be a solid option when looking at small tattoo ideas for guys because it’s simple but can have a variety of design choices. You can get a simpler star or add some extra oomph like this star design shown here. You can also choose your desired size and spot without it making much of a difference in terms of the look of the tattoo. Stars are really popular tattoo ideas for guys but don’t feel like you’re just following the crowd- if you want one then get one!

2. Cartoon (The Hulk)

If you’re a big fan of cartoons or perhaps just your childhood nostalgia then cartoons can make solid, small tattoo ideas for guys. Depending on your preferences you can choose from a huge variety of cartoon designs such as Bart Simpson, Garfield, or maybe even Spongebob. This tattoo design here is a more intense rendition of The Hulk which is cool for any Marvel fan!


3. Music Note

Any music lovers out there could consider some of the many music-related tattoo ideas for guys. There are a plethora of options from instruments you love or play to music scores. The design here is for a simple music note that should be fairly quick and inexpensive to get inked on you. Plus, it’s another tattoo that you can put pretty much anywhere you want depending on if you want it showing all the time or only when you want.


Compasses can be a great choice when looking at tattoo ideas for guys whether you want one small or huge. It’s a seemingly popular tattoo although not so much that it’s overrated or “basic” to get. The typical meaning behind compass tattoos is a combination of a thrill for travel as well as the journey/direction of life itself. There are so many different compass tattoo ideas for guys that you can look at a variety of designs and it would be cool and work anywhere on your body. Not only are they cool to look at but hey they’re practical. If you find yourself lost and can figure out or remember which direction is where then you can just check your tattoo.

5. Quote (Never Give Up)

You don’t need to fall for that stereotype that says only girls can have tattoos with words or meaning behind them. Plenty of tattoo ideas for guys out there can be meaningful and have a quote or such that means something to that guy. The example design here is a “never give up” tattoo that has a sleek and subtle look to it. You can also design your own quote or meaningful tattoo that you want at your next tattoo session.


6. Cross

If you’d prefer more faith-based tattoo ideas for guys then you could consider a simple but elegant cross design. The design here is fairly minimalist but you can go for a darker and more prominent cross if you’d prefer. It’s a common tattoo design for both girls and guys but in no way does that mean it’s “basic” or overrated. It’s a simple design that can be good for expressing yourself and your beliefs.

7. Batman Symbol

This could be considered a more “nerdy” of these tattoo ideas for guys but hey embrace who you are. A batman symbol or really any Batman-related tattoo design could be really cool. This design shown here is very simple as just an outline utilizing the Christian Bale Dark Knight trilogy Batman symbol. A great choice but there are at least 15 to 20 more Batman symbol designs you could look at getting tattooed onto yourself. Depending on how big you want it or how much money you’re willing to spend you could get a full Batman or a Heath Ledger Joker tattoo to really prove your dedication as a fan.

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8. Airplane (Travel)

The symbolic tattoo ideas for guys are a popular choice for guys looking at getting their first tattoo. A lot of people believe that tattoos that mean something to you are easier to convince yourself to get. While that may be true, it doesn’t have to be true that ALL tattoos have to be meaningful and personal to you. Sometimes people just want a cool design tattooed on themself and that’s perfectly fine too. This airplane tattoo is a symbolic design that expresses love or desire for traveling. Whether for work or pleasure the idea of traveling and visiting new and exotic places is something that you love to do or hope you can do more. Either way, it’s a great choice when looking at small tattoo ideas for guys who love traveling!

9. Star Wars (Rebel Alliance)

Another of the more nerdy designs of these tattoo ideas for guys, but if you’re a Star Wars fan then you might just love this idea. This is a design for a rebel alliance symbol that’s also accompanied by a band around your arm. If you’re looking for a smaller tattoo then just go for the rebel alliance symbol and make it smaller if you prefer. Many Star Wars tattoo designs are out there so if it’s an interesting idea to you then look them up!

10. Triangle (Delta)

A triangle design for a tattoo can have several meanings but for this case, it’ll be to represent the Greek letter of the delta. It represents “change” which could apply to a number of things but as a general rule of thumb, life is all about change. You can also add a gap into the triangle (delta) which adds implication that you’re also “open to change.” It’s another great concept to express about yourself in addition to promoting change in general!


Got any additional small tattoo ideas for guys to add? Share them in the comments!

Featured Image Source: Photo by jahir martinez on Unsplash