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A Letter For My Friends Before College

A Letter For My Friends Before College


A Letter For My Friends:

To my people – you know who you are:

I can’t believe the time is finally here. As much excitement as we all have the nervousness has just about reached us as the goodbye hugs are coming closer and closer. I am so thankful for the memories, laughs, smiles, and tears we have shared. You guys have always been my go-tos, my rocks, and the best friends anyone could ask for.


As I write, I hope you understand I am not writing to express my sorrow as we leave for college, but my happiness of everything we have shared SO FAR and the excitement of seeing what the future holds for both of us. I can’t wait to visit and for many more adventures when we reunite. I hope you know you have formed me into who I am today for the better and you will continue to do so as our friendship continues. As cliche as it sounds, it is not a goodbye but a simple see you soon!

To the girls and guys who soon get to meet you-they are so damn lucky. I hope they treat you as you deserve to be treated and know how special you are. I hope you learn more about yourself, immerse yourself in classes you are passionate about, and have the best time. Know you can come to me for anything as I am only one call, text, or face-time away always. See you soon.

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 Love you all,


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Writing a letter for my friends is a great way to say bye! Drop us a line!!
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