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10 Must-Haves For Your Next Gym Workout

10 Must-Haves For Your Next Gym Workout

Going to the gym is not always the easiest thing to do. That’s why we came up with 10 Must-haves for your next gym workout that are bound to make your next gym session a success!

1. Large Thermal Water Bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated throughout your workout to avoid feeling lightheaded or dizzy. Some people will drink “workout” drinks such as Gatorade throughout their workout to help them stay hydrated but studies show that water is the best thing you can drink during a workout. Water will help replace all the energy your body is burning especially for things such as fast cardio workouts. It can be annoying however to constantly keep feeling up those plastic water bottles (the ones that aren’t that big) and trying to keep your water cool. However purchasing an inexpensive large thermal water bottle will solve all those problems. It will be big enough to carry all the water you need without needing a refill, all while keeping it cool. You’ll get use out of this not only for workouts, but especially for everyday use.

10 Must-Haves For Your Next Gym Workout

2. Workout Playlist

A good playlist makes even the most intense workouts so much more enjoyable. I’d recommend setting this playlist up prior to workout so you aren’t constantly trying to find a song to put up next. You can set up a playlist on any music app of your choice. Just pile together some of your favorite upbeat, feel-good songs and your good to go. I’d recommend really dedicating time and putting more than enough songs together so you don’t grow tired of listening to the same ones every time you workout. You should also shuffle the songs each time you workout so again, you don’t grow tired of the same songs and will make your playlist feel new and fresh each time. If you feel that you don’t know enough songs to put together in a workout playlist you can always use one that your music app provides. There are plenty to chose from! Just find one that fits best to your music taste.

3. Workout Gloves

If you are someone who is frequently lifting weights in the gym, I am sure you can relate to the little blisters you may get on your hands sometimes from holding the bar. To best avoid that, I would recommend getting workout gloves. You can get a pair that is not super expensive, but will still do the job. It’s important to always feel comfortable while you are working out. With that being said, this may just be just the addition you need to your next workout if you frequently lift weights and what to protect your hands.

4. Timer

Now this may seem a bit outdated because who really still carries around a timer these days? However when I say timer, it doesn’t only refer to the old school ones (although it would be really cool if you still have one). Many modern day phones also come with a timer feature which is beneficial for more than just baking. You can make great use out of your timer for workouts that require you doing multiple sets. Using a timer will allow your timing to be precise and will maximize your workout. So for example if you are three sets of thirty sit-ups, its going to be much easier to set the timer for thirty seconds each time, as compared to you counting to thirty each time (this will also allow you to focus on your breathing a bit more without having to count out loud)

10 Must-Haves For Your Next Gym Workout

5. Waist Trainer or Waist Belt

This is personally one of my favorite tips because of how well it maximizes your results. Waist trainers have become wildly popular in the past few years through fitness gurus and Instagram models. They have now become so easy to find, you can practically get them anywhere. Waist trainers that are made specifically for working out are great for helping trim some inches off of your waist while keep you nice and tight in your core as you work out. However, some people feel that waist trainers are too restraining and doesn’t provide them much flexibility. If you feel that way, then a work out waist belt may be best suited for you. These waist belts are designed to make you sweat and will shed inches off your waist. I find that it allows for more flexibility than a waist trainer and you can adjust to how tight or loose you may want it.

10 Must-Haves For Your Next Gym Workout

6. Cute and Comfy Workout Gear

This is one of the most important tips when it comes to working out. You want to make sure that you have plenty of comfy and cute workout clothes that are going to make your workout a bit easier. I feel once you shop for new and cute workout gear, it makes me excited to wear them and try them out for my next workout session. I would really recommenced doing this if you are someone who likes to shop but has a hard time getting in the gym. Its also important that that the clothes you are buying are comfortable and allow your skin to breathe under all that sweat!

10 Must-Haves For Your Next Gym Workout

7. Bluetooth Headphones

To accompany your workout playlist, I would also recommend pairing them with Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones are convenient because traditional headphones with wires can get in your way when working out. They can become especially a bother when running on the treadmill or requires something that requires a lot of movement (which is basically just working out in general).

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8. Invest in a Good Pair of Running Shoes

This is not a tip for every workout, but if your workout consist of a lot cardio, I would really recommend investing of a good pair of running shoes. If you don’t have a good pair, you may find yourself being more sore or potentially suffering more injuries. running shoes specifically will for more comfortable on your feet when your working out as compared to just any pair of sneakers. 

10 Must-Haves For Your Next Gym Workout

9. Progress Pictures

Now working out isn’t all about the number on the scale. It’s most important that you feel good and that you feel you are making progress towards your goal. I feel the best way to keep track of your progress is to take pictures at the beginning, middle, and end of your journey. You may not even realize just how much progress your making until you compare your pictures. 

10 Must-Haves For Your Next Gym Workout

10. Positive Attitude

Now that is isn’t a tangible “must-have” but its something to still keep in mind. Working out should be fun and something you look forward to. So remember to have fun!

So there you have it: 10 Must-Haves For Your Next Gym Workout. Do you have any gym tips? comment down below!

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