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20 Thoughts Every Student Has At The Gym

20 Thoughts Every Student Has At The Gym

When you go to the gym, there are a million thoughts that run through your mind. Are these leggings see through? Is that cute boy from my class staring?

We are all well too familiar with the dreaded freshman 15. Lucky for us though, we have the gym at our convenience to try and balance out those late night munchies! Here are 20 thoughts I’m sure have run through your mind if you’ve even been at the gym!


1. Do you think people notice how heavily I’m breathing? *takes off headphones to check*

2. Don’t look up. Don’t look up…SH*T! I looked up.

3. Do you think I can discretely send my friend a selfie without looking like a complete tool?

4. HOLY SH*T how was the last person lifting that much weight?! Imma put it down now.

5. Did that person next to me notice the sweat that just dripped off my chin?

6. Are my leggings see-through when I do this? How about this?

7. Do you think the person next to me can hear my music?

8. Can people tell how much I’m sweating right now?

9. Why is he making those sounds?

10. I think I know him from one of my classes.

11. Ew, is that someone else’s sweat on my seat.

12. I swear I see her every time I come… she must live at the gym!

13. *wipes face with towel* welp, there goes my mascara!


15. So now since I worked out I can have two ice-cream cones instead of one… Right??

16. I’m so tired. Tomorrow will be better.

17. How do people do this every day?!?!

18. No. You know what? I’m going to get into the routine. Starting tomorrow I’m gonna go to the gym every day.

19. Nah. Just kidding, I feel like I’m dying. Is my heart supposed to be beating this quickly??

20. Alright, alright. I’m done for the day. *opens locker room door* Why does everyone just walk around naked?

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