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10 Stages Of Going To Halas

10 Stages Of Going To Halas

Halas is a wonderful place to go and work out, but getting motivated to actually get up and go is the hard part. Here are the stages of going to Halas!

Halas is a wonderful place, if you get motivated to go. It’s open until midnight and there is a pool and rock wall. But, the hard part is actually motivating yourself to go there. Here are the relatable 10 stages of going to Halas.

1. Telling yourself that you’ll go after class

By after class, I mean after a nap and realizing that you didn’t do anything you needed to.

2. Putting on your gym clothes

Maybe if my gym clothes are on I’ll be motivated to actually go?


3. Sitting in bed after putting on your gym clothes

Gym clothes can also be used as pajamas, and I have a test coming up. Maybe I should just stay here and study?

4. Looking to see if there’s any classes that sound interesting

I may not be that motivated to work out alone, but maybe with someone in the front of a room yelling at me I’ll be into it.

5. Deciding to go to a class, getting there, and realizing there’s too many people in there

I guess everyone had the same idea? Might as well just go to the cardio room.


6. Finding an open cubby and a cardio machine

There are no open cubbies and very few cardio machines left. I guess this is a little better than a crowded Zumba class.

7. Realizing that you know some people in there from class

I’m 90% sure the kid on the treadmill sits in front of me in German but I really don’t know. Also, there’s the hot kid from Psych class. At least I wore my good exercise pants but I hope they don’t look at me.

8. Getting lost in your music and actually kind of enjoying yourself

This is fun. It’s releasing my stress and tension. Plus, I have really good music.

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9. Going to wipe down your machine but there are no rags and the spray bottles are empty

I’m sorry whoever uses this machine next, I tried to clean it but there was nothing available and I don’t usually carry disinfecting wipes with me. Sorry I got sweat all over it, especially if it’s the sitting bike.

10. Finally leaving and telling yourself that you’ll go again tomorrow, knowing you probably won’t.

It’s fun while you’re there, but you’ll repeat steps 1-4 again and maybe won’t go on to 5.

Can you relate to these stages of going to Halas!? Share in the comments below!

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