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20 Mistakes Every Michigan State University Freshman Makes

20 Mistakes Every Michigan State University Freshman Makes

Mistakes Every Michigan State University Freshman Makes

Every freshman makes mistakes, its a part of what your first year of college is all about! At Michigan State University, there are some mistakes that are more specific than others. Keep reading for 20 mistakes every Michigan State University freshman makes!

1. Not using your combo’s.

Once a day, you can use a combo at the dining halls for a combination meal! You would be a fool not to take advantage of a free meal!

2. Wearing a lanyard!

If you want your look to scream “I’m a freshman”, then throw a lanyard around your neck. Some people learn this the hard way, but wearing lanyards are just not a thing at MSU.


3. Keeping your door closed.

When moving into your dorm it is crucial to leave your door open. That is simply the easiest way to make friends. People will walk by and say “hi” when they see you in your room, maybe they’ll even ask you to go eat.

4. Taking 8 am classes.

Don’t do it. It is the hardest thing that you will face in college. Don’t lie to yourself and think “I can wake up that early, no problem.” No debate, end of story.

5. Going to every class.

It isn’t the end of the world if you miss a class. I guarantee the professor, of a 300-person lecture, won’t realize you’re absent. If you overslept, don’t freak out, just grab the notes from someone who was there.



6. Eating at the same cafe.

Just because you live in Case, doesn’t mean you have to eat there every day. Branch out and try something new. There are so many different places to eat, so use your unlimited swipes correctly. By the way, Brody cafe is life changing.

7. Walking everywhere.

If you live in BFE (i.e. Brody or East) don’t bother walking unless you have an extra 30 minutes. You can either bring a bike or buy a bus pass. The CATA is your friend, take advantage of it while you can.


8. Only talking to people from your high school.

Branch out and make new friends. It’s okay to still meet up with your hometown friends every once and a while, but meeting new people is a part of college. You never know if the person next to you could potentially become your new friend.

9. Buying season football tickets.

You might think that you’re going to go to every game, stand in the crowd, cheer your team on. Odds are you won’t even get a glimpse of the stadium on game day. Just buy single tickets for the big games you don’t want to miss. Save your money.

10. Not going out.

Weekends are the time to forget you actually have responsibilities. College isn’t just for studying all the time. People relieve stress by walking down Grand River looking for any fun they can find. Work hard, play harder.

11. Dressing to impress in class.

When people dress up for class, it looks very out of place. Students usually pull off the comfy casual look, that includes leggings and a sweatshirt. Also messy buns and no makeup is completely acceptable.

12. Buying textbooks.

Don’t buy your textbooks until you go to class. The teacher will tell you if you will actually use them or not. Even then, your books might sit untouched, so buy used them and sell them after the class is over.

13. Not going to the library.

Most people have a love/hate relationship with the lib. The need to study is real, but is very hard to do so. By going to the library you are forced to face your reality and stop pushing off all the work.

14. Going in blind.

People always say “go in blind that’s how I met my best friend.” Well don’t. There are always plenty of horror stories about how people got paired with a weirdo and it ruined their year. Try to meet someone on Facebook and talk to them, see if you click, then room with them.

15. Not joining a club.

If you are interested in something, then MSU will most likely have a club or organization that reflects your interests. By going to these you will find people who are like you and can easily relate to.

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16. Losing your room key.

At MSU there is a hefty fine for losing your key. Don’t worry, you aren’t locked out forever. The front desk will give you a loaner until you find it or pay. Also don’t lose your key card because that is how you use the elevator at your dorm.

17. Not using a planner.

I guarantee, if you don’t write down when something is due, you will forget. There are many assignments, projects, and events to keep track of in college. Most professors won’t accept late work either, so make sure everything is complete on time.

18. Eating too much.

The Freshmen 15 is real. The food is always there and so tempting, that it’s hard to say no to Late Night. As long as you get some form of exercise occasionally, then you can still fill up at the cafe, and feel good.

19. Going home every weekend.

If you live close to campus it can be tempting to go home often. However, this will make it harder to feel comfortable at school and find a schedule. And your parents probably will get annoyed picking you up and dropping you off.

20. Forgetting to relax.

It is important to give yourself a break sometimes and just try to calm down. Whether you read a book or take a nap, it’s nice to let yourself go for a couple minutes. Taking a walk by the Red Cedar in the fall is also good for an Insta pic.


What mistakes did you make as a Michigan State University freshman? Comment below and share the article!
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