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8 Ways To Work Out Without a Gym

8 Ways To Work Out Without a Gym

When you think of exercising or working out, what comes to mind? The gym. A lot of people hate the gym, therefore hate working out. But you need to think outside of the box…there are lots of ways to work out without even setting foot into a gym or wasting money on a membership. Here are 8 ways to work out, no gym required!

1. Go hiking

Year round there are parks within walking distance to allow for ample exercise. A rigorous hike can get your blood pumping and burn tons of calories! Always try hiking without technology to enjoy the scenery around you and let your mind wander.

2. Take the long way

If time permits, try to take the longest route possible to your next class. Avoid shortcuts and take the stairs at all times, instead of the elevator. Believe it or not, walking and climbing stairs is a great workout. It’s one of the easiest workouts to do because it doesn’t require equipment or even much thought. Just walk everywhere and you will see results!


3. Join a fitness class

Check with your school to see if they are offering fitness classes! These types of classes are usually one credit and allow you to get a fun workout in. This gives you an excuse to take that dance class you have always wanted to learn, and it’s also more fun than a basic gym sesh.

4. Go biking

Biking trails are a great way to get a good, low impact workout in. For those who may not be able to do anything high impact, this is perfect because it’s easy on the joints. To challenge yourself, bike on trails with hills to get the most out of your workout.

5. Use workout DVDs

You can find simple or intense workout DVDs everywhere. The best free places are via Ruku or streaming online. You can also get them cheap at local garage sales. I love workout DVDs  because you can follow them with a friend, roommate or even by yourself on your own time (a plus for those who aren’t morning people).


6. Join intramural sports

Most schools offer intramural games that allow you to go out there and get active with other students! Anything from soccer to ultimate Frisbee is normally offered! This allows you to meet new people on campus and get a break from the intensiveness of college studies.


7. Participate in local races

Check the local communities for a 5k or other race you could get involved in. You can find these on local community calendars or even posted around campus. Color runs are always fun to get a group of friends together and exercise.

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8. Workout at home

Many people prefer working out at home because it is 100% on your schedule!  You can get on Pinterest and find tons of simple at-home workout guides! Or you can reach out to personal trainers on social media or even local gym junkies! They are more than happy to help people get in shape and get motivated! This may cost a small amount, but could be a great investment since they will completely customize a workout routine to suit your needs.

For advice or to get started on your first workout plan contact me at and I can help you!

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