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Why It’s Okay To Be The “Miranda” Of Your Friend Group

Why It’s Okay To Be The “Miranda” Of Your Friend Group

Are you the "Miranda" of your Sex And The City friend group? That's more than okay. Keep reading for why we think so! You go girl!

Four girls in a friend group sit at the newest brunch spot sipping mimosas and dishing about what they did the night before. One went home with the hottest guy in the bar and had crazy hot sex in a position unknown to the world until then. One met an investment banker, held his hand and have plans to go antiquing together later that day. One danced her heart out in the middle of the crowd and then went home to her perfect boyfriend of five years. The other sipped on a beer at the bar, unable to let loose because of all the work she needed to do the following day. As they sit around the table munching on breakfast, a sudden realization dawns upon them.

“OMG! We are just like the Sex and the City friend group!”

Are you the "Miranda" in your friend group?

She goes around the table bestowing each girl with their respective character. “You’re a total Samantha!” “Such a Charlotte!” “I’m just like Carrie!” And then a silence falls over the table when there’s only one character left in the friend group…Miranda.

Why is it that being the “Miranda” of the group is some sort of insult?

When you think about it, she’s the best and most realistic character of the bunch! There is no way in Hell that Carrie would be able to afford her glamorous lifestyle in reality. She writes a column, lives in an amazing apartment and buys Manolo Blahnik’s on the reg. Something doesn’t add up there. Not to mention the fact that she the girl in the friend group is constantly searching for Mr. Right instead of building herself up as an independent woman! As soon as Big comes into the picture at any given moment she crumbles to a weak little girl in order to win over his affection.

Are you the "Miranda" in your friend group?

And then there’s Charlotte. Her flaws are much more apparent. Basically, the entire show is her searching for a rich Wallstreet type to come in and take care of her.

She was so quick to leave her career the second she got married to Trey that it’s as if it didn’t matter in the first place. As if it was just some sort of placeholder until she got to what really mattered. And there’s the fact that she is always so quick to judge her friend’s behaviors. Charlotte was never one to let her thoughts on Samantha’s sexual life go under the radar. Which, what kind of friend passes along that kind of serial judgment to one of her best friends?!

Are you the "Miranda" in your friend group?

Finally, there’s Samantha. She’s always reserved for the “fun but crazy” friend of the group.

Sure, her carefree lifestyle should be applauded but it gets difficult when she puts her sex life in front of every other aspect of her life. How many times during the series did Sam ditch her friend group for a man or lose a business deal because of a man?

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Are you the "Miranda" in your friend group?

Miranda is the only woman in this cast who stands up as the badass woman that we often credit the rest of them as.

She worked her butt off in order to become a partner at her law firm, with a baby! She stood up to Steve when he cheated and didn’t take him back until she was good and ready. And, in one of my favorite scenes, she scolded the other women for only talking about men and sex. Not only is Miranda awesome, but so is the woman who plays her, Cynthia Nixon. Nixon is currently running for governor of New York! She embodies New York and is currently fighting to make the state better. I mean I don’t know about you, but I want to be just like Miranda when I grow up. You go girl!

Are you the "Miranda" in your friend group?

So, if you’re the “Miranda” of the friend group, be proud and own it! Let us know in the comments below if you relate to Miranda most out of all the Sex and the City girls!

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