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10 Apartment Hunting Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

10 Apartment Hunting Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

If you are wondering how to find an apartment but not sure where to start, there are some apartment searching tips everyone needs to know! Here are some apartment hunting hacks to help you find the right apartment for your budget and taste!

Apartment hunting, can be a major stress and pain in the ass. There are so many things you have to cover and questions you have asked when looking for an apartment. And no one wants to live in a shitty apartment but yet also doesn’t want to pay $1200 a month for a nice 500 sq. feet one bedroom. So, if you are currently on the hunt for an apartment, here are 10 helpful apartment hunting hacks that can assist you:

Use Apartment Websites

When looking for your new digs, browse through trusted apartment sites that will have what you are looking for. Zillow and Trulia are great websites that can help you find your new spot. Craigslist is also another and is where I found my great apartment.


Create A Wants/Needs List

While on your apartment hunt, always have a list of what you want and need your apartment to have. This is a tremendous help in helping you not forget what is the most important to you in an apartment.


Search For Included Utilities

It is always a tremendous help when certain utilities like the common heat and hot water, are included in your rent. To limit yourself from having unnecessary bills, always search for places that have certain utilities included.


Do EXTRA Research

If have found your perfect apartment, always do a little recon work before forking over your security deposit and first month rent. Ask the neighbors in your apartment how they like the place and see how nice your neighborhood and the surrounding ones are.

Have Options

If possibly, never just set your site on one particular area or town you want to live in. If within your means, always look outside of your desired area because you may exactly what you want and need, in a town over from yours.

Know And Stick To Your Budget

This one is a no-brainer but do make sure you know your set budget that you can afford in rent. Don’t hurt your feelings by looking at places that are fantastic but that you know you can’t afford. Always make sure your apartment search is filtered by what you can pay stress-free.

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Use Social Media Too

A lot if not all the social media platforms, now have a way you can find an apartment easily. I know Facebook, now has a way that you can search and find your potential apartment. You can also post about how you’re looking for one and see if anyone on your friend’s list can help.

Ask For A Friend’s Assistance

I remember when I was looking for my apartment, I had my friends looking with me cause that second pair of eyes may catch something yours don’t. Always bring a friend that will be as detailed and thoroughly in looking for and/or over an apartment as if it was their own.


Pick Up On Landlord Vibes

The landlord, is one of the biggest parts when looking for a spot. No one wants a landlord who is a complete douche or that tenants refer to as a “slumlord”. Ask all your potential landlords questions about how they manage the building, what expectations you have from them and so forth.

Tranquility Is Key

I am a firm believer that no one should settle for anything in life and that includes an apartment. Your apartment is your place of serenity that you walk into to instantly recharge and unwind. Look around your potential apartment and make sure that it feels and be a place you will love to call home.

What are some more apartment hunting hacks that should be on this list? Let us know down below so we can add them!