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12 Items You Need For The Perfect Tailgate at ESU

12 Items You Need For The Perfect Tailgate at ESU

Tailgate and game day season is here, and whether or not you enjoy watching your school’s sporting events, chances are you definitely enjoy tailgating for them! It is best to be as prepared as possible, so keep reading for 12 items you absolutely need for the perfect tailgate at ESU!

1. The perfect grill for tailgating.

Before a football game make some food prior to heading into the stadium. We all know stadium food is crazily priced and never worth it.


2. The perfect cooler (on wheels)!

Some sporting events happen during some of the hotter months, so you’ll love the feeling of being able to grab a cool drink from your cooler and have a good time.

3. Can’t have a tailgate without the perfect frisbee!

While waiting to go into the stadium, grab a Frisbee and throw it with a friend to pass the time.



4. A football to toss around.

When you get bored outside waiting to get in, toss the ball around with a buddy and make sure you watch out for other people and cars around you.


5. The perfect game day drinks to hydrate!

If it is hot outside, make sure you have a lot of drinks. Don’t get dehydrated before the game even starts.



6. The perfect tailgate chair.

If you get there a while before the game, you will definitely want a chair. You don’t want to be standing around for hours before you are allowed into the stadium.


7. A portable blue tooth speaker so you can listen to music!

Sitting around waiting to be allowed into the event can get boring. Use a portable blue tooth speaker, turn up your music, and have an impromptu dance party with your friends.



8. You will need some bulk snacks to keep everyone happy!

Pack some bulk snacks so everyone can stay satisfied. Bring some food to cook up on the grill that you brought. Hey, everyone’s gotta eat.

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9. You will need some sunscreen– whether you think you do or not!

When it is sunny out, put some sunscreen on. You don’t want to get sun burn…we all know it isn’t fun having sunburn all over when you’re just trying to enjoy yourself.

10. Odor-Shield scented trash bags.

Clean up after yourself; don’t leave your mess for others to clean up behind you. Attach the bag to something nearby and just throw all your trash in it.



11. A tailgating tent, of course!

It gets hot outside (and it rains) so set up a tent so you can stand under it and stay cool.


12. An ESU flag.

Show your school spirit by heading to the school shop or a local sporting goods store and buy some festive school pride banners.

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