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9 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Live In Shawnee At ESU

9 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Live In Shawnee At ESU

Living in a dorm is essential to the college experience. Every dorm hall comes with its own character and quirks. Keep reading for 9 things you’ll only understand if you live in Shawnee at ESU!

1. Having a quad on 2 different sides of the building.

Both the front and back of Shawnee look out onto a quad. When it is warm out, there is almost always something happening on both quads, especially different events that the school sponsors like “Community on the Quad” or “Residence Hall Olympics”.



2. Living in a full time triple.

Shawnee is set up as a triple, although with the space that each room has, it should probably be a double. Hope you like being scrunched into a room meant for two people! It’s such a hassle to find ways to rearrange the room to create more space.

It sucks living in a triple in Shawnee at ESU!


3. Why the janitor closet downstairs is permanently locked.

The janitor’s closet in the basement is locked and has been locked for as long as anyone can remember. Plenty of people will ask why but I don’t think you really want to know tbh. The story might cause nightmares. Be warned.


4. No one listens to quiet hours.

At any point during quiet hours, you will find someone either playing extremely loud music or running up and down the hallways. It’ll stop eventually once the RA is called and then it’ll start again in no time. It’s a never-ending cycle.

5. The daytime custodian.

If you have an 8am, you will be blessed with the brightness of the custodian in the morning. She is the nicest person you will ever meet on campus and she will make your day so much better.

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6. The showers never worked.

At all times my freshman year in Shawnee at ESU, one of the showers in the guy’s bathroom never worked. Only having 2 of the 3 showers functioning was the worst struggle ever.

7. No one knows how to flush.

Trust me, you can walk into a bathroom in Shawnee at ESU at any moment and one, if not more, of the toilets will have toilet paper or some other disgusting item left in it. Clean up after yourselves, people!

8. The computer lab is always poppin!

Almost always the computer lab will be filled with people doing homework or even just socializing. It’s right by the laundry room and the hang out part of the basement so if you’re banking on studying down there, you might want to find a new spot.


9. The laundry rooms…

Watch out for your clothes when you leave them down there…you might not be coming back to your room with what you took downstairs.

What else do you only understand if you live in Shawnee at ESU? Comment below and share the article!
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