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A Guide To Looking Sexy On Halloween, Not “Slutty”

A Guide To Looking Sexy On Halloween, Not “Slutty”


“Are we sluts?” the ever-pertinent question first posed by Carrie Bradshaw remains unanswered until now. I understand those who favor the eradication of the term “slut” from the English vocabulary since it appears that the only purpose of the word is to bash other women. However, there are certain situations in which “slut” may be a more appropriate description than say “sexy.” We use the word “slutty” to discern what exactly is too much and what is just enough. Gals who look sexy on Halloween leave a little somethin’ somethin’ to the imagination, whereas “slutty” costumes show all the T & A.

Obviously women should wear whatever makes them feel their most confident without worrying about being labeled by others. If you want to wear body paint on Halloween, more power to you. However, I know I am not that secure in myself to rock no clothes whatsoever so if, like me, you’re looking to be hot without risking overexposure, here are my suggestions for you.

Consider the context

Context comes into play when determining where your outfit lies on the spectrum. For example, dressing up as a pinup is sexy but dressing up as a playmate tends to cross the line. While the outfits themselves are very similar with regard to how much skin is showing, the difference resides in the Bunnies’ societal reputation. I’m not trying to tell you you can’t rock a Victoria’s Secret thong and wings without looking trashy, I’m just trying to show you there’s more power behind sex appeal than there is behind having it all hang out.


Understand that sex appeal comes in different forms

In college, the whole point of Halloween is arguably to wear as little clothing as possible to produce the most sex appeal. You can push your chest up to your ears and don thigh-highs as if they make up for the rest of your body being exposed, or you can pick one or two elements to share so as to remain classy. Let’s look at an example, shall we? You could choose to go the Jane Mansfield route, pictured below right, (i.e. give ‘em dinner and a show)! Or you could remain a bit more demure like Sophia Loren, here on the left. Both women look stunning, but while Jane’s look screams “LOOK AT ME,” Sophia is able to quietly attract men’s attention.

Pick and choose which asset(s) you want to expose and limit yourself.

As I’ve previously stated, leaving something to the imagination is incredibly tantalizing. If you’re wearing a short skirt, opt for long sleeves or a high-neck. Maybe you’re rocking tights or a jumpsuit. This leaves you with the option of bearing a bit more cleavage. It’s your body, so the discretion is yours. You can balance your outfit however makes you feel the most sexy on Halloween.

Be conscious of your surroundings, the context of your costume, and how it will be received by your peers.

I know this is a lot to think about for a Halloween costume, but ignorance is never sexy, so do your research. For example, if you’re dressing up as Pocahontas and someone in your group is Native American, make sure your costume is tasteful and not offensive. No one like cultural appropriation, especially not ABC (sorry, Karlie).

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Whatever you decide to put on your body (or not put on), carry yourself with confidence.

Strong, independent women who know they look good are the most inspiring and they attract the most positive attention. Even if you decide you are not feeling like dressing up this year, rock your sweats and greasy hair like the goddess you are!

I know I just waxed poetic about how to be sexy on Halloween and not “slutty,” but frankly if there is ever a time in a young woman’s life to dress “like a total slut and get away with it” (yes, I like to quote Mean Girls), it’s Halloween. So even if you ignore all my advice, please know that I think you look hot and I support you in your decision. Happy Halloween (month)!


Have any more tips to look sexy on Halloween and NOT slutty? Share in the comments!

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