Freshman Guide To Homecoming Weekend At Temple


Homecoming is not just celebrated for a single weekend at Temple University, it’s celebrated for a week! A variety of different events happen on campus leading up to the homecoming football game. That is why we created a list of the highlights of homecoming so you won’t miss a thing! Keep reading for the ultimate freshman guide to homecoming weekend at Temple!

Support community artists at the Tyler Art Market.

The Tyler School of Art hosts the Tyler Art Market in the school’s atrium. It is a craft fair to support community artists and businesses who are looking to sell their work, network with other artists, and to promote their work.

Grab a slice of the TU Big Cake with Baker Dave.

It’s Temple tradition for for students to be served cake at the Howard Gittis Student Center. However, it’s no ordinary cake. Baker Dave and his crew work together to make a HUGE cake that can feed thousands of students!



Go to the homecoming pageant!

Two lucky Temple students will be crowned homecoming royalty!

Join your club at the Golf-Cart Parade.

Each homecoming weekend, Temple holds a golf-cart parade throughout its campus. Several clubs and organizations ride on golf carts to promote their name. They also compete in a decorating contest for the best golf cart and the winner takes home a trophy.



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Party at Tailgate Village!

The Tailgate Village is open to the entire Temple Community at the Lincoln Financial Field before the homecoming football game begins. From alumni, to current and future students, everyone will be there! There will also be food, games, music, giveaways, and so much more.


Cheer for the Owls at the Homecoming football game.

After a fun week of attending events, students can show their Temple pride at the homecoming game. The game takes place at the Lincoln Financial Field and always attracts many students. Be on the look out for free tickets!

Get ready for the best game during homecoming weekend at Temple!

What other events are you looking forward to for homecoming weekend at Temple? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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